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Alford, Alan F. (L)

Alan F. Alford (1961 – 2011) like many others, including your compiler, he was fascinated by the ‘ancient astronaut’ theories of Erich von Däniken and Zechariah Sitchin. This led to a compulsive interest in the mysteries of mankind’s early history. Following extensive travel and study Alford wrote a number of books on this subject, beginning with Gods of the New Millennium[006]. This book is now available to read online(d).

His Alan Alfordsecond book, The Phoenix Solution[007], saw Alford retreat from the ‘ancient astronaut’ concept and publish a partial retraction of his earlier views on the Internet.

In his third book, When the Gods Came Down[008], Alford appears to advocate the Exploded Planet Hypothesis as the underlying inspiration behind the ancient religions of mankind including Judaism and Christianity. This view might be compared with the recent book[036] from Graham Phillips who proposes a close encounter with a large comet as the stimulant for the introduction a range of monotheistic religions.

In The Atantis Secret[009] Alford expounded the view that the whole Platonic tale is firmly grounded in mythology alone. The renowned classical Greek scholar Prof. Christopher Gill of Exeter University, who wrote the foreword to the book, supports his views on Atlantis.

Alford has now turned his attention to the Pyramids and in his most recent books[010][011] Alford promotes his theory “that the Great Pyramid’s King’s Chamber had been designed to capture Earth resonance and generate low frequency sound, which it then broadcast via its ‘airshafts’ in order to celebrate the myth of creation.”  His earlier views regarding the Garden of Eden in a 1997 article(b) is worth a read as was his official website(a) that covered his ideas extensively.

Wikipedia also has a useful entry for Alford(c).

His untimely death in November 2011 came as a shock as he was just 50 years old.

(a) (offline 1/8/14)