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Bock Saga

The Bock Saga is claimed to be an oral tradition transmitted within the Bock family in Finland until finally written down in 1984 by Ior Bock (1942-2010), the last survivor of the family. To add to our excitement Ior also believed that he is descended from the ancient Finnish god Lemminkäinen. A cursory investigation of any of the websites(b) dealing with the Bock Saga will reveal it to be a collection of balderdash. I give an example below:

“According to the Sa-Ga, the first major changes occurred just over 50 million years ago resulting in a shifting of the Pole causing all the lands to become ice. This was known as the time of “all the lands ice” – ALTLANDIS (note spelling) – otherwise known as Atlantis. Atlantis was not so much a location as it was a time in history”.

*In 2017, Caleb Strom published a critical assesment of Ior Bock’s ideas(a).*

Quite frankly I would expect readers to glean more information about Atlantis from a Harry Potter book than the Bock Saga.