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Chouinard, Patrick

Patrick Fox Chouinard, sometimes known as just Patrick Fox, is an American writer, former producer of Archaeology TV and editor-in-chief of The ChouinardNew Archaeology Review(NAR)(a). Chouinard has expressed the view that Atlantis was just a myth, reflecting global tales of a much earlier civilisations. However he is happy to allow a range of alternative Atlantis theories to be aired in NAR. The NAR website includes a wide selection of articles dealing with ancient history and includes a number of free pdf copies of the earliest issues(c).

Chouinard is also author(b) of Forgotten Worlds[0864] published in May 2012 in which he reviews a number of mysteries, including the Deluge, the Mayan Calendar as well as pre-dynastic Egypt, but once again he ‘sits on the fence’ regarding the location of Atlantis.*The underlying aim of the book is to promote the idea that white supremacy has an ancient history and a global spread. I find it surprising that Robert Schoch wrote the foreword to this book.*

Chouinard has written(d) about the Indus Valley civilisation, referring to it as “the Atlantis of the east?”

He is also author of Lost Race of the Giants[1424] in which he refers to “Pre-Adamic times that were controlled by a lost group of proto-Aryan giants.” In recent years he has further developed his white supremacist rhetoric and has become something a ‘darling’ of American racist media.

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