An A-Z Guide To The Search For Plato's Atlantis

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Drinnon, Dale

Dale Drinnon (1956- ) is from Kokomo, Indiana, made famous by the Beach Dale DrinnonBoys. He studied anthropology at IUPUI, but has a wide range of interests including geology, zoology and mythology which are reflected in his inveterate blogging. Inevitably he was attracted to the Atlantis story and wrote a book on the subject, but never had it published. Undaunted, he began Dale’s Atlantis Files(a) which includes most of the material in his book. He echoes the work of Otto Muck and places Plato’s island in the vicinity of the Azores.

Another of Drinnon’s passions is cryptozoology which he deals with regularly in a fully illustrated blog(b). Another of his blogs relating to anthropology which has a number of posts related to the Atlantis mystery and well worth studying.

Drinnon has recently added additional material to his website supporting  his Atlantic location for Atlantis(d-g).

(a) (No access August 2017)