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Dunbavin, Paul (t)

Paul Dunbavin is the author of controversial but clearly well researched books on the ancient history of Britain. In one of these[100] he identified the Picts of Scotland as being originally from the Baltic. In another[099] he investigated the possible origins of Plato’s story of Atlantis. Using mythological, geological and archaeological sources he concluded that an asteroid or comet collided with the Earth around 3100 BC resulting in the tilting of the Earth’s axis. Dunbavin argued that this impact caused dramatic climate and sea-level changes that led to the submergence of a Neolithic civilisation on a low-lying plain off the coast of Wales. He believed that this destruction was the inspiration for the Atlantis legend. David Furlong claimed to have independently arrived at the same conclusion[285].

In 2005 Dunbavin published another volume[101] on ancient catastrophes and their possible connection with cometary impacts or near collisions.