An A-Z Guide To The Search For Plato's Atlantis

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Ecbatana (m)

Ecbatana is the name given to the capital of the ancient Median Empire and is known today as Hamad?n in Iran. It is mentioned in the Bible (Ezra 6:2 Tobit 3:7 Judith 1:1 and 2Maccabees 9:3) and by the Greek historians Herodotus and Xenophon. Ecbatana is one of a number of ancient cities that various writers have suggested as the inspiration for Plato’s Atlantis. This particular association is probably based on its reported seven concentric walls of different colours.*[Similar claims have been made for other Persian cities, such as Susa and Firuzabad(a).]*

However, as archaeological excavations drew to a close in 2006 no remains of anything earlier than the Parthians (248–224 AD) had been found although the dig had reached down to virgin soil. Not a single piece of Median evidence was found.