An A-Z Guide To The Search For Plato's Atlantis

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Geise, Gernot & Prahl, Reinhard (L)

Gernot L. Geise (1945- ) & Reinhard Prahl (1967- ) Geise has written on a number of mysteries ancient and modern(b), the Pyramids, Revised

Gernot Geise

Gernot Geise

Chronologies and three books on the alleged moon landing hoax(c). He has contributed regularly to the German EFODON magazine.

Prahl has written on possible connections between the Guanches and the ancient Egyptians(a) and has collaborated with Geise to produce Auf der Suche nach der Mutterkultur (In Search of the Mother Culture) [730]  in which they support the idea of Atlantis in the Antarctic.


(b) (German)