An A-Z Guide To The Search For Plato's Atlantis

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Hope, Murry (L)

Murry Hope is considered a leading New Age writer. She was formerly a classical singer but eventually her interest in metaphysics took over and she turned to a career in writing. Her output of some dozens of books covers a wide range of subjects from psychology and science to Ancient Egypt and astrology. In 1991 she published Atlantis: Myth or Reality[401], which was well received although it was fairly standard fare covering the principal Atlantis theories, but it is marred by a high level of speculation and dependence on controversial material such as the Oera Linda Book and psychic sources. Ms. Hope concluded that the Atlantic Ocean was the most likely location for Plato’s sunken island. In 1957, Hope was co-founder with the healer Tony Neate, of the Atlantean Society, a healing and spiritual awareness centre in the Malvern Hills in England. She left the Society in 1975.