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Horn, Roland M. (L)

Roland M. Horn, was born in 1963, and is the author of a number of books on a variety of subjects, such as Edgar Cayce, The Bible, Atlantis and latterly 2012. Horn is a keen supporter of the theory of Otto Muck, who postulated the idea of a cometary impact Roland hornin the Atlantic that led to the destruction of Atlantis, which had been located there. He has a new website(a), in  English, outlining his views on the location of Atlantis(c) and promoting his books. He has produced three books, in German, on the subject of Atlantis. In 1997 he published the first[402] of these, Das Erbe von Atlantis, which he revised and republished in 2001. The second[676], which deals with Edgar Cayce’s contribution to the Atlantis question. The third volume endeavours to support the idea that Atlantis was the cradle of civilisation[677].

On October 1st 2010, Horn and his colleague, Bernhard Beier, launch an important website,, which has an extensive range of Atlantis related articles.