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Joining The Dots

Joining The Dots

I have now published my new book, Joining The Dots, which offers a fresh look at the Atlantis mystery. I have addressed the critical questions of when, where and who, using Plato's own words, tempered with some critical thinking and a modicum of common sense.

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St. Francis of Assisi

Saltzman, Johann

Johann Saltzman has written about Atlantis in the Feb. 2008 edition of  the now defunct The New Archaeology Review and contributed to online forums as ‘St. Francis of Assisi’(a). He locates Atlantis in Morocco and dates its foundation to some time before 1529 BC as he believes that Plato’s figure of 9,000 years is not credible and that the internal evidence in Plato’s text consistently points to North West Africa as the home of Atlantis.

His conclusion is that Atlantis sank 1347-1234 BC.