An A-Z Guide To The Search For Plato's Atlantis

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Feder, Kenneth L. (L)

Kenneth L. Feder is a professional archaeologist, author[295] and prominent Ken FederAtlantis sceptic. Dr. Feder says he makes one demand of Atlantis enthusiasts. “My rule is you can’t even use the word Atlantis in a sentence unless you can tell me you’ve read Plato.” In spite of his disbelief, Feder regularly uses Plato’s Atlantis account for lecture purposes, inadvertently highlighting the widespread significance of the story.

However, there is one point on which I can partially agree with Feder, when he noted that, “The geology is clear; there could have been no large land surface that then sank in the area where Plato places Atlantis. Together, modern archaeology and geology provide an unambiguous verdict: There was no Atlantic continent; there was no great civilization called Atlantis.”

The geology only proves that there was no Atlantis in the Atlantic, not that there was no Atlantis.