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Atlantis found! Again… the Cuban Atlantis Crisis conspiracy

Posted November 12, 2012

Atlantis has been found, but to Geekation’s surprise, it was found in the 1960?s…

According to journalist Luis Mariano Fernandez the city was first discovered decades ago, but all access to it was stopped during and after the Cuban Missile Crisis. Due to a (very plausible) domestic media blackout, no one ever heard of this discovery. This was done so that the true reason for our occupation of the gulf could be concealed from the general public. This is because if the public knew that major governments were searching for alien/occult technology then they would learn just how much that the governments know and how much they have been hiding from us.

The exploration project below is a re-visit to an already discovered set of Pyramids, Sphinx(s), and other Atlantean monuments under water near Cuba. This poses the question… was the Cuban missile crisis really about nuclear silos being built  on a small island or was it about a fight over the possible secrets that Atlantis could reveal? What other worldly weapons or secrets could the lost city contain? This was a question that both the U.S. and Russia had powerful motives to be the first to answer. We know that Hitler’s army was obsessed with the occult and the possibility of other worldly technology and exploiting it for their benefit. At the height of the Cuban Atlantis Crisis (as we at Geekation have coined it) there were over ten U.S. and Russian naval vessels surrounding the lost city…  ~ Logan Durgen

from the

The exploration of Atlantis, called Project Exploramar, is expanding to discover more of the mysteries of the mega-city.

“When we published the first news of this finding,” she said, “the University of Veracruz was interested in our work and we had recorded images of these structures on the seabed. Specifically, the Institute of Anthropology of the University excavations invited me. They were doing [studies] on parts and ruins of the Olmec civilization. “When they saw these submarine images [they] found similarities and parallels with the ruins found in these excavations that the Institute was undertaking.

“When these anthropologists saw underwater images of this city, and saw some stone monoliths, some symbol, and inscriptions, they identified with Olmec motifs. They were very surprised.”

The Olmecs devolved from the survivors of Atlantis, a much superior culture destroyed aft the end of the Ice Age flooding. The world was reshaped and a super-civilization destroyed, remembered for millennia only in legend and a passing reference by the philosopher Plato.

But Atlantis was real, is real: scientists Paul Weinzweig and Pauline Zalitzki have found it.