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    September 2023. Hi Atlantipedes, At present I am in Sardinia for a short visit. Later we move to Sicily and Malta. The trip is purely vacational. Unfortunately, I am writing this in a dreadful apartment, sitting on a bed, with access to just one useable socket and a small Notebook. Consequently, I possibly will not […]Read More »
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    I have now published my new book, Joining The Dots, which offers a fresh look at the Atlantis mystery. I have addressed the critical questions of when, where and who, using Plato’s own words, tempered with some critical thinking and a modicum of common sense.Read More »

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Lars A. Fischinger in an interview with Roland M. Horn: “We have been on Mars before in ancient times!” (Images: NASA & R.M. Horn / Montage: Fischinger-Online)

On this blog or in videos on my YouTube channel, the name Roland M. Horn comes up from time to time. I published a book with him in 1999. But who exactly is behind the name “Roland M. Horn“? What else is the non-fiction author and mystery researcher working on? Since the new book “Die UFO-Fallakten” by Horn was published only some time ago, I would like to let him have his say in this interview.

Interview with Roland M. Horn

In 1999 I published my book “UFO-Sekten”,which I mention in videos on YouTube or on this blog from time to time. A standard work around “UFO gurus”, in which the deliberately provocatively chosen title is program. The name Roland M. Horn, with whom I wrote the book at the time, always comes up. But who is behind the names and what else does the non-fiction author and mystery researcher Horn deal with?

Since the new book “Die UFO-Fallakten” (see HERE) by Roland M. Horn was recently published, I would like to let him have his say in this interview.

“We’ve been to Mars before in ancient times!”

Roland, we have known each other for what feels like an eternity. When I entered the subject of “riddles of the world” and frontier science in 1989/90, you were already there as an author. How did it come about that you turned to such unquestionably controversial topics?

Oh dear, that was an eternity ago.

Even as a child, I was particularly interested in astronomy and at a fairly early age I asked my mother why the moon did not fall from the sky. Later I tried to fathom this and more. On the subject of astronomy, I then came to the UFO complex, inspired by an appendix in an astronomy book. Then I started to deal with parapsychology and so it went on and on. What makes me dedicate myself so much to frontier science, I don’t know in the end. Maybe it’s my ADHD, maybe my zodiac sign…

Some time ago, a book by you was published, which bears the provocative title “Hitler – UFOs – Occultism: The Sinister Connection“. What do you think these terms have to do with each other?

In the course of my investigation, I have come to the conclusion that we are not alone on this earth, but that apart from us there is an occult power that has always been responsible for a large number of UFO sightings and the emergence of cults, some of which revolve around UFOs and alleged aliens, but also for cults of other kinds. Cults are usually irrational, someone or something is worshipped, and a society is formed around that focus. (About the topic of cults in the UFO area, we both wrote the book “UFO sects” together 22 years ago (!).

Occultism is generally seen as something negative, and some religious contemporaries see Satan and his demons at work here, while others here sense an indefinite eerie dark force. These cults also include Ariosophy and the Hitlerism that emerged from it. This occult power is further responsible for the emergence of the NWO,which in turn influences Hitler and other personalities. Thus, the components “Hitler”, “UFOs” and “occultism” are parts of an ominous connection …

Another book of yours is called “The Return to Mars“. What is so appealing about this topic, since you have already dealt with this “Martian face” and other mysteries of the Red Planet in various books? Hasn’t the topic of “Martian face” been sucked out for a long time, and haven’t you yourself rejected the artificiality thesis in the meantime?

Yes, I did, but I didn’t know that one of the newer images, in which the Martian face looks like a gravel pile to me, was actually manipulated by NASA in a way, in which it was placed upside down and slightly angled on the Internet. If the intention of this manipulation was to dissuade the viewers of the image and readers of the accompanying text from the artificiality thesis, then at least it worked for me … But the Martian face and surrounding structures,which, by the way, are far more mysterious than they originally appeared, are only a part, more precisely: a chapter of the book.

Of particular interest are the finds of technical artifacts, running water and lakes on Mars and and and, which I document in this book on over 100 pictures. Ultimately, however, the book reveals the last great secrets of the Red Planet: An ancient human civilization has already been on Mars. At a time when we are beginning to send space probes to Mars (again) ourselves, we find that it seems that a second hidden space program is underway that is being hidden from us. As we constantly find evidence of liquid water, traces of vegetation, fossils and biological life on the Red Planet, and come across events in Mars’ distant past such as a once denser atmosphere, clear evidence of a former shift of the Martian equator and even a nuclear war on Mars, the eerie feeling of déjà vu creeps in: We’ve been there before!

Thematically, you are broadly positioned with your work. Other books by you are about the UFO researchers John A. Keel and Jacques Vallée and their theses as well as reincarnation. So the rebirth. What is there to say about this?

Yes, “Attack from the Super spectrum: John A. Keel and the Philosopher’s Stone” is on the one hand about the theoretical structure of Keel – the enfant terrible of UFO research, as he is called in the USA, but which is largely unknown in German-speaking countries. He has presented an alternative to the extraterrestrial thesis, since the UFOs – and not only those – come from the area of the electromagnetic spectrum that is not accessible to us. Keel calls this life form the “ultraterrestrials”. In addition, in this book I also analyze classic UFO sightings, which I tap for the explanation offered by Keel.

UFOs, Roswell and the Last Curtain: Jacques Vallée on the Trail of the UFO Phenomenon” is largely about three areas: The majority of the book is taken up by the theses and research results of the ingenious lateral thinker of UFO research, Jacques Vallée. He puts forward numerous arguments that suggest that the assumption that UFOs are material extraterrestrial spaceships is simply too simple and that the thesis that there are no UFOs in reality is certainly unsuspinnable.

The second focus of the book is on revelations about the Roswell case, which are shocking and must not be concealed, even if it turns out that there were no aliens behind the event – the revelations are far more exciting and explosive: Apparently, the legend of the UFO crash at Roswell is based on experiments including human experiments, including on disabled people, that were carried out in the post-war period. Perhaps not only an explanation for the UFO phenomenon is needed, and perhaps the well-known UFO sightings of 1947 and 1948 in particular – including Kenneth Arnold’s famous sighting of the “Flying Saucers” that ushered in the “modern UFO age” – are ultimately due to secret experiments.

The third pillar of the book is based on the astonishing realization that the topics of “UFOs” and“near-death experiences”seem to be directly linked and that we may thus come closer to an answer to the question of “life after death”. The topic of “time travel” is also briefly touched upon, but I have already written two books about it before: “They came from the future” and ” Secret agents from thefuture“.

Reincarnation – Do we come into the world several times?”is an inventory of the topic, from which it emerges that there actually seems to be life after death and “transmigration of souls”. Furthermore, the question is discussed whether, and if so, how, the doctrine of the resurrection from the dead prevailing in the West can be reconciled with the reincarnation thesis originally coined mainly in the East.

I see the topic“life after death”or “near-death experiences” in the context of the UFO phenomenon very similarly. For example, in my books“Death – Error of Humanity”or “Companions from the Universe”. In this context, do you also see parallels to so-called ghost apparitions or generally alleged contacts with the hereafter, if you have dealt with them?

I have a lot of ideas, but no concrete answer. Basically, I think it is conceivable that the “aliens” or perhaps rather“extraterrestrials”,“ultraterrestrials”, “extradimensionals” or whatever they may be, exist on a somehow “higher” level of existence than we exist and can still interact with us after our death and continue to play their games with us afterwards. “Ultraterrestriers” could be responsible for both ghost apparitions and UFO sightings. But this is just one of my ideas…

What is your book “Menschheitsrätsel reloaded” all about?

This book is about the whole range of human puzzles that I have written about here and there before: The UFO phenomenon,haunted phenomena, Atlantis, Lemuria, the Bermuda Triangle, the Sirius mystery, The mystery of ancient civilizations and the pyramids, the Philadelphia experiment, the Martian face, the question of reincarnation, but also “modern” topics: The rapid increase of earthquakes in our time, Climate change and the question of an approaching pole shift.

But also on the “old” topics I received shortly before the completion of the final manuscript still extremely interesting new information and credible theories!

Your book” Blue Star on a White Background – The Truth About Israel” is quite different from your previous publications, and it is also provocatively decidedly pro-Zionist. What makes you so sure that you are right with your point of view?

From a historical, biblical, archaeological and political point of view, it must be said that Israel is a matter of the heart that polarizes. Hardly anyone can approach this topic without emotions. Either you are an opponent or supporter of Israel. Opponents of Israel often appear hypocritical. They generously accept the “right to exist” of the Jewish state. While die-hard Israel-haters and entire state governments such as those of Iran openly demand the dissolution of the State of Israel, others only grant the Jewish state a kind of “minimal right to exist” with severe restrictions. After all, the State of Israel is an artificial entity founded by the evil Zionists, who are known to rule the whole world, in an Arab country called Palestine, whose “original population” has been brutally expelled, which has since been waiting for the day of return to “their” land, which has been taken away from them.

Many try to conceal their opinion in such a way that both “peoples” have equal rights on this issue and must agree on how the territory of Israel is to be divided between these two peoples. Virtually all states and institutions in the world express themselves on this question. The fate of the “Palestinian people” (which in reality does not exist!) seems to be close to everyone’s heart. And when Israel is attacked by so-called Palestinians and dares to defend its territory, it shouts of zeter and murder. But at Holocaust memorials, pity is feigned until the doctor comes!

Both the evidence presented and my intuition are what make me so sure that I am right about the content of this book!

Another book of yours bears the amazing title “Freemasons in Space“. Of course, we all know Freewall – but how do Freemasons get into space and what do they have to look for there?

Part of this book is the sequel to The Return to Mars“. I present images with crystal clear evidence that human activity once existed on Mars and apparently still exists today.

In the Martian area of Aram Chaos, for example, an archway bearing the inscription “Atlas” can be found on a high-resolution image – and according to Plato, Atlas was one of the first rulers of Atlantis. Intuitively, I am overcome by the thought that the bearers of this inscription wanted to say: “We are back. Greetings from Atlantis.”

But to return to your initial question, it must be noted that NASA was obviously infiltrated by members of a Masonic order and later astronauts of this order performed certain common rites on the moon. Whole maneuvers obviously had to do with Masonic thought! In addition, I was able to interview whistleblowers who had allegedly been in space as part of a secret military program and were transported back to the time before them after their mission.

Various races of aliens are said to have been involved in all these ventures. Sounds absolutely implausible, but the witnesses made a credible impression on me. In a particularly interesting Skype interview with such an alleged agent, I had trouble following him: he spoke very quickly and in a typical American slang. He agreed to send me the whole thing in writing again, but shortly after this commitment he died unexpectedly…

Another focus of this book are indications that long before NASA there was indeed a kind of highly developed (flight) technology on Earth, dating back to Prussia in the 19th century! In this book, I try to find out what is really behind all this.

Then you recently released a book called” The UFO CaseFiles “. I had already featured it on my blog HERE. What is it about, what are these case files?

This is about some amazing UFO cases, which I examined in my “end times” in the German UFO scene and secondly about classic kidnapping cases, which I have dealt with in detail.

In particular, I collected a lot of material around travis-Walton case. Some things seem to speak against the authenticity of his statements, but some also speak for it. Ultimately, I come to a verdict that could be described as “in doubt for the witness”, but that does not say WHO IS SPECIFICALLY behind the kidnapping – and others. The first part contains cases that I investigated for the GEP e. V. (in which I was a member and case investigator for a very long time) and I for DEGUFO (in which I was briefly 2nd chairman).

In the meantime, I have withdrawn disappointed from the German UFO scene, which does not mean that I am withdrawing from the UFO field. The first part of the book describes cases with which I have met myself personally, and in one of the cases the famous Oz factor could be described. The personal contact with another witness also leads me the trail of “free energy”.

In addition to the cases investigated, there is one that was once investigated by Illobrand von Ludwiger – The Langenargen Incident. The debunker Rudolf Henke said in the “Journal für UFO-Forschung” of the GEP to take apart the sighting, and I take his argument ad absurdum.

I have signals that the same publisher that published “The UFO Case Files” will also publish a book from my pen on the subject of “Lemuria”. In addition to his own ideas and comments, the content of the book mainly stems from the legacy of the recently deceased Atlantis and Lemuria researcher Bernhard Beier.

Bernhard Beier is a good keyword, because unfortunately he recently passed away. I also knew him for many years and appreciated his work very much. Especially as editorial director of,of which you are the editor. What happens there after the much too early death of my colleague Bernhard? After all, is a mammoth Wikipedia-style project.

First of all, I took over the editorial management myself on an interim basis. I hope that at some point I will find an ambitious Atlantis researcher who is familiar with the wiki software or is willing to familiarize himself with it and is willing to jump into the breach for Bernhard, but honestly I have little hope.

I hope that our guest authors will send more articles in the near future, because I can’t compensate for Bernhard’s writing frenzy alone by far!

At the beginning of 2019, in addition to your already existing relatively many websites, you put a blog online, which initially consisted of rather loose, one could say, almost colloquially written, posts. However, the profile has changed somewhat in the meantime. How did this come about?

On my new blog on with the unusual name “Dad blogs this already” I originally wanted to show myself mainly to my potential readers from a different, more personal, side. So far, most of my readers only know me from professional articles and books and do not know how the guy behind it ticks otherwise.

I tried to convey this knowledge to the reader on this blog. In the meantime, however, it is actually the case that the blog consists almost exclusively of specialist articles, only a part of which is of a borderline scientific nature. Most of the posts are about Israel and Zionism, and inevitably I felt compelled to get involved in the Corona issue as well. Especially on the last two topics, most of the articles come from other authors, whom I was kindly allowed to take over. In addition, there are also excerpts from my books, in particular “Blue Star on a White Background – The Truth About Israel“, but also on other works.

Earlier you mentioned “Lemuria” in passing and that there will probably be a book of yours in the future. I know Lemuria and you as an Atlantis author of course. What is this “Lemuria” all about?

The works of Bernhard Beier play an important role in the book. My evidence is largely based on his articles on topics such as the scientific origin and mythological foundations of the Lemuria hypothesis, as well as the geological, oceanic and archaeological foundations of the thesis. In addition, there is a detailed consideration of the esoteric representations on the topic. But at least one idea mentioned in the book comes from myself and is my derivation from Otto Muck’s largely unknown book “Birth of the Continents”.

There is some evidence that the “Lemuria opponent” Muck discovered Lemuria himself, but did not recognize it as such. Furthermore, I deal with the myth of the “lost continent of Pan”, which is also located in the Pacific. Although the arguments for this come from an anthropologist, they are based on the ominous book “Oaspe – The New Bible”, which was created in 1882 by the technique of automatic writing. Even the author’s scientific evidence does not hit the back and the front.

Furthermore, the book Yonaguni discusses recently found references to former ancient previously unknown continent around Mauritius and the Kasskara of the Hopis, which is also said to have been located in the Pacific. Ultimately, the statement that Lemuria musthave existed remains as a summary, only location and size as well as the nature of its demise remain largely in the dark.

Here I can only give several starting points.

Thank you, Roland. I wish you every success with your books, projects and websites!

Your Hunter of the Fantastic

Lars A. Fischinger