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    Atlantipedia will be wound down in 2023. After nearly twenty years compiling Atlantipedia on my own, and as I am now approaching my 80th birthday, I have decided to cut back on the time I dedicate to compiling this website. An orderly conclusion rather than an enforced one is always preferable, before the Grim Reaper […]Read More »
  • Joining The Dots

    Joining The Dots

    I have now published my new book, Joining The Dots, which offers a fresh look at the Atlantis mystery. I have addressed the critical questions of when, where and who, using Plato’s own words, tempered with some critical thinking and a modicum of common sense.Read More »

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Strato of Lampsacus

Strato of Lampsacus (c. 335- c. 270) was a leading philosopher of his day. Strabo quotes Strato regarding the breaching of a dam or isthmus at what is now the Strait of Gibraltar. He states that a cataclysm led to the break-up of the barrier leading to the inflow of the Atlantic into the present Mediterranean… His comments were echoed by Seneca who spoke of Spain being torn away from Africa by earthquakes.