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Astarua, Boris

Boris Astarua is referred to in a number of publications and websites as the leader of a number of Soviet expeditions who allegedly discovered a sunken city about 400 miles off Portugal. This city is claimed to have buildings made of extremely strong concrete and plastics. Astarua is quoted as saying, “the remains of streets suggest the use of monorails for transportation.” He is also supposed to have he brought up a statue.

The same short report is quoted in every source and apparently accepted uncritically. My view is that the tale is quite untrue. If anyone had really discovered such a city there would have been far more extensive coverage in the press. No doubt Robert Ballard would have sped to the site and produced professional television reports, magazine articles and books. Where is the statue? Who is Boris Astarua?

This story like so many others of a similar nature must be taken with a large amount of desiccated brine until evidence is produced.