An A-Z Guide To The Search For Plato's Atlantis

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Atlantis(2) [0601]  was written by Stephen Hodge, who teaches at London University where he had earlier studied the Japanese and Tibetan languages. Apart from Atlantis, Hodge has written on such diverse subjects as Buddhism and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

In this volume, Hodge gives a good overview of the various theories generated by Plato’s tale. He discusses the fundamental question of whether the story has a factual basis or not and then proceeds to critically investigate the array of proposed explanations regarding the location of the lost civilisation. Hodge comments that “for Plato, even myths may at times be true, even though they refer to palpably fictitious events.” He suggests that Plato would accept a myth as ‘true’ if it contained a philosophical truth but was literally false.

As Hodges book is relatively short at 188 pages, the subject is not given the depth of investigation that such a complex subject requires. However, overall, it is a useful introduction to this fascinating mystery.