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Benoît, Pierre (L)

Pierre BenoitPierre Benoît (1886-1962) was the author of a very popular novel, L’Atlantide[159] about Atlantis, published in 1920 and subsequently adapted for the screen on three occasions, regarding which Egerton Sykes remarked that they were “three of the worst films that ever disgraced the film industry”. In the 1950’s Benoit’s work was turned in to an opera by the renowned classical composer Henri Tomasi (1901-1971).

After Benoît’s death it was reported that an extensive manuscript copy of the writing of Dionysus of Miletus was discovered among his papers. In the first edition of his book Benoît states that this manuscript had been in the possession of Ètienne Fèlix Berlioux. In it, Dionysus, writing around 550 BC, apparently claimed to have referred to the destruction of Atlantis in his document, but unfortunately it was later ‘lost’.

An English translation of Benoît’s text is available in hardcopy[0930] and on the Internet(a).