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Bihari, Gábor

Gábor Bihari is a Hungarian researcher who has written about Atlantis in his native language, in a book entitled Atlanticas. A sample chapter, in English, is available on the Internet(a) while he seeks an American publisher. His main contention is that in Palaeolithc times a group of Europeans used the Atlantic currents to carry them to the Caribbean, where over time they developed a sophisticated culture on some of what were then much larger islands. The ending of the Ice Age resulted in the flooding of much of their homeland, forcing some to migrate to the American mainland, becoming the Clovis People, while others made the journey back to the Mediterranean bringing the story of a flooded empire in the far west. Much later, elements of this historical story were incorporated into the morality tale of Atlantis presented to us by Plato.

However, Professors Jennifer Raff and Deborah Bolnick co-authored a paper offering evidence(b) that the genetic data only supports a migration from Siberia to America.

Bihari submitted a paper entitled Atlantis as a Prehistoric Empire of the Americas? to the 2008 Atlantis Conference in Athens.

(a) (link broken 15/07/14)