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1st November 2006 – 06:11 AM

Visit my blog for nicer (only slightly) looking theory: After visiting India in October 2006, including Saurashtra peninsula,, on a tourist trip, seeing Lothal and Bet Dwarka, I am even more sure that Atlantis was situated in Indian Ocean, South West to current Dwarka, ( in Sanskrit=door) which was a city that connected India to Atlantis via a narrow land strip, not wider than northern tip of Saurahstra peninsula – 30 km. Atlantis went under water when Earth crust split along a Mid-Ocean Ridge fault lines, approximately 11 580 -11 650 years Before Present. Its size was as Egyptians described it, with famous South Coast mountain and North and coastal mountains and oblong plain visible in the oceanic topography (see picture with Atlantis map on it). The time obtained from Vostok ice core data of dust concentration increase coincides with Plato’s 9000 years + 600 BC the original story of Solon = 9600 Before Christ= 11600 Before Present. There is a clear small fault line in Saurashtra Peninsula, from Bhavnagar to Surendra Nagar to Morvi to Jodiya where land surface has broken when Atlantis went under water, but as a reaction Saurashtra Peninsula appeared from underwater , trapping Sarasvati river which disappeared ,and Kutch salt lakes inland, leaving major port Lothal devoid of water because on average land along this fault went up 6 meters, coastal water became shallow and impossible to navigate ( see Plato, Timeus). This upswing of former Indian Ocean shoreline caused Inda to split into broad delta with many outlets. In general, Indian Ocean coast stepped forward into Ocean, and Ocean became more shallow along the coast Very interesting things have occurred in the tip of Saurahstra peninsula, where Dwarka and Bet Dwarka is situated. If You look at it from Sattelite map, it is obvious that part where Dwarka is was by fierce force separated from part where Bet Dwarka remains. 6 meters high sand coast in Bet Dwarka and Indian Legend that Krishnas house situated on Bet Dwarka did not go under water together with former Dwarka further proves this. Saurahstra peninsula during this action broke in two, forming wedge shaped water inlay clearly visible in picture below. Studies in the area prove strong geological activity of unknown origin near Bet Dwarka, although time scale does not match yet, but there could have been more smaller scale activities along the same fault lines. Because Inda had to cast new access to Ocean, over last 11 600 years it has brought 2500 m layer of silt into Arabian sea, covering whatever was left from Atlantis. Other, South Western end of Atlantis is covered by lava from broken fault line- Mid-Ocean ridge. In Cascadia Earthquake in 1700, fault line separation caused its edges to swing up; other , different mechanism sucked edges IN in Atlantis case. Atlantis submersion was definitely an event of hell’s proportions. Boiling ocean water falling on hot magma, drawing humans into the abyss, steam, Earthquakes, storms. The development of ancient civilizations in time what we know from history is consistent with a conjecture that they appeared on the outskirts of Atlantis at 9572 BC but moved away from the place of catastrophe both because of fear but mainly because lifting of shore forbid economic usage of the coastal Sea for many years. They went inside continents up along rivers ( Indus Valley on the East of Atlantis, Mesopotamia in the North). After reaching economic affluence once again in 8000-6000 BC they used remaining ancient Atlantis knowledge to create powerful empires; However, the critical mass of knowledge carriers, Atlantis priests and scientists had been lost, and great knowledge was in fact DEAD or DYING. There fore even if the new acquired knowledge of ancient civilizations improved, their inherited understanding of the world declined, leading to net degradation and as a compensation, amplifying of narrow DIFFERENT aspects of ancient knowledge ( by creating new religions with dogmas). Sometimes along the way people like Greeks, Indian mathematicians, rediscovered parts of ancient knowledge, but never came even close to the full picture of Nature. Dogmas in religion appeared because understanding of the world had been lost, but conclusions were passed on in form of stories and fairy tales. During Atlantis catastrophe, Red Sea parted along East Africa Rift and Pillars of Fire were visible for a long time. There obviously many other places on Earth where similar events have taken place quite regularly; closeness of major fault lines , rifts and ridges, dried rivers, trapped inland salt lakes and wide river deltas indicate places where to look for other civilizations under water. There were also other islands in Indian Ocean and Maya land in Pacific which went under water at the same time , 9572 BC. About other possible 12 places of Atlantis ( may be happening in other moments in history) , see my blog from September 22. Homer in his Odyssey says that after leaving Calypso and sailing ” and 17 days he sailed, making headway well; on the eighteenth, shadowy mountains slowly loomed…. the Phaeacians Island reaching toward him now.”After some struggle he reached land where “trees will never flag or die, neither in winter nor in summer , a harvest all Year round for the West Wind always breathing through…. ” . The place where the West Wind is always blowing is situated between 40-50th South latitude, and one possibility for Phaeacia is current French Southern Antarctic Islands. Undoubtedly, closer study of Odyssey will provide more proofs of Atlantis in Indian Ocean. There is more evidence as underwater town was found in the Gulf of Cambay in 2002: “The remains of what has been described as a huge lost city may force historians and archaeologists to radically reconsider their view of ancient human history. Marine scientists say archaeological remains discovered 36 metres (120 feet) underwater in the Gulf of Cambay off the western coast of India could be over 9,000 years old. The vast city – which is five miles long and two miles wide – is believed to predate the oldest known remains in the subcontinent by more than 5,000 years.” This may lead to reconsideration of borders of Atlantis, but can as well be part of another island civilization of Atlantis time, placed beyond Atlantis as described in Plato. Conclusion: Safe places are situated so that during Earth crust oscillations they remain intact, located more or less on oscillation axis. These axis are not stationary- every new extinction event may happen along different axis. Truly adaptive species always find these places beforehand. It is away from huge deltas (including Inland) , hills and trenches. Vostok Ice Core data shows that change in Carbon Dioxide concentration direction was followed by massive increase in dust levels. This old Atlantis map may not be exact, but Africa to the left, Pillars of Heculess, is supporting Indian Ocean hypothesis despite numerous attempts to turn the map by 180 degrees. I see no need to complicate things in this way. As to America to its right, for some reason, Europeans tended to mix India with America and , obviously, vice versa. Islands to the right will be identified from Odyssey, Iliad, Aenida, Plato etc. Ocean Atlanticus is just the name of the ocean where Atlantis is. What do You think?


1st November 2006 – 10:16 AM

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8th November 2006 – 07:51 PM

Further proof that Atlantis was in the Indian Ocean comes from the fact that during cold periods in Northern Hemisphere (Ice ages) Southern Hemisphere including Antarctica was WARMER. In my hypothesis ( see my previous blogs about Atlantis in www. wwwaom.blogspot.som https:// ) I mention warm Island where Phaeacians lived visited by Odyssey after Calypso “where West winds blow all the time”. I think it was situated in Indian Ocean, 40-50 degrees South latitude , in the region of West Winds. So now this possibility is also confirmed. Description of this “bipolar seesaw” climate mechanism can be found in: Map with Atlantis placed according to hypothesis can be viewed in my post of October 25th. By the way, this climate seesaw also supports possibility that other ancient civilizations could have lived in South Hemisphere before Atlantis catastrophe, e.g. in South Indian or Southern Pacific Oceans.

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