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Whenever there is doubt within the existence of Atlantis and its sudden disappearance after a terrible cataclysm. According to research reported in this article, much of the Atlanteans who escaped reached the coast of Morocco and from there went to Egypt, taking with him the memory of their civilization, their knowledge and beliefs, and leaving abundant signs of its passage. Now, one can speak of an Atlantean Egypt whose history and significance worth considering.


In 1976, Albert Slosman, math teacher, doctor of computer analysis and participant in NASA programs for the launch of Pioneer Jupiter and Saturn in 1973, 1974 and 1975, published in Paris a book entitled The Great Cataclysm . In this sensational book describes in great detail an event that occurred 12,500 years ago: the sinking of Atlantis described by Plato in Timaeus and Critias .

Resonance Slosman book was scarce as they happened to be an extra pound on Atlantean theme (over 12,000 titles throughout history) with some curious “hypothesis” ignored by government scientists. Two years later came to light Survivors of Atlantis , where the great migration of Atlanteans described from the sunken continent to Egypt under a new 1os reading hieroglyphic texts, which culminated in the publication in 1979 with the book the life beyond , better known as the Book of the Dead.


AMAZING Dendera Zodiac

It is likely that Albert Slosman end up being recognized as one of the greatest Egyptologists of all time, although until 1972, the year he spent four months in Egypt, did not realize that he “had opened a fantastic absalutamente horizons on Egyptian antiquity. ”

Of all the fascinating places in Egypt, Dendera was you most passionate, so he focused on the study of his famous Zodiac, which was found “accidentally” during Napoleon’s Egyptian campaign. When the southern army, under General Desaix, was in pursuit of the Mamluk army, both men and animals were exhausted and the general ordered a halt to rest in the desert sands and unload camels. Under the weight of a box of ammunition, a hole opened in the ground and it sank into it. Soldiers peered through the hole and found that the box had fallen into a room almost full of sand, which they soon lose. The army was accompanied by a dozen scholars who came after the soldiers and found that the roof of this chamber was a wonderful sky map. They had discovered the magnificent temple of Dendera, half buried in the sand, its amazing zodiac.

The first drawing is hiza him to send to Napoleon, who was in Cairo, was made by Deno Viscount, who spent many days and nights in harsh conditions and lighting camodidad to play. The result, however, was superb, almost photographic. Over twenty years later, in 1822, came to the Museum lmpe- planisferio rial Paris (Louvre future) sparking heated arguments among scholars.





The original dimensions of the slab on which was carved the zodiac were 3.60 meters long by 2.40 wide and 90 inches thick, which meant weighing between 55 and 60 tons. To lighten the load, M. Lelorrain, the “hero” in charge of disassembly and transport to France, decided to cut two sets of “zigzag lines” which had the stone in its longest part, to square it. This eliminated the hieroglyph representing the great cataclysm, as in reading hieroglyphs water is represented by a broken line; the plural “the waters” with two lines; three “the Nile flood” and “flood” with five broken lines. “As the zodiac of Dendera is surrounded by eight lines, we find a” superdiluvio “hence the idea of ??calling it” The Great Cataclysm “.

Napoleon’s campaign in Egypt became fashionable in Europe everything Egyptian and the arrival of the slab carved with the zodiac was a profound disturbance in the academies of scholars. Over a ten year period 432 studies between St. Petersburg, Berlin, London and Paris, which would be discussed Slosman largely on their books were published.

There were three clans of great sages constantly at odds. The clan of Cuvier and Monge stated that the reliefs and paintings of the temple were Greek and had been dated to the second century BC and, therefore, had nothing Egyptian. They were beautiful paintings and nothing else.

The team of Jean-François Champollion said: “You do not have everything in Mind If these twelve constellations of the zodiac are relative to Sirius, Orion and the planets, their location is established by reference to the Egyptian stations and not to the Greek. ie that seniority should datarla.en two thousand years before Christ, and not two hundred. ”

A third clan, the astronomers Charles Dupuis, replied: “All of you are wrong because all the constellations are led by Leo, who is on a boat at that time the Sun was in the constellation Leo. therefore, it is the sky makes twelve thousand years , not two thousand and two hundred. ”

On stage he appeared fourth and powerful clan represented by the Archbishop of Paris , who threatened to excommunicate those who maintain such thesis. Do not forget that this took place in 1820 and, according to the church, the creation of the world had been four thousand years before Christ; Adam-the first man had appeared five thousand years ago and the Earth was no older than six thousand years. So, does just one hundred seventy five years the sages knew that the world had existed for over six thousand years but could not speak because of the risk they were taking. The tradition was established and no one dared to question it. Until 1956 the Biblical Commission did not request a “return true chronology of this part of the Old Testament.” However, in 1995 still being Egyptian monuments dating based on the decision of the Archbishop of Paris, Monseigneur Affre. The current year is, however, in 5756 the Jewish calendar, which begins as a tradition, since the creation of the world and, according to another, the departure of Abram (later Abraham was the son of Thera, Ur). Curiously Ur means Light and Abraham’s father was called as the island that some have associated with Atlantis or an Atlantean colony.


As stated Slosman may discuss their findings on Dendera because he has written four thousand to one thousand years before Christ, in which he speaks of Dendera and reconstructions, as well as that between the years 1840 to 1870 felt Mariette , Maspero, and so on. His merit was to ratify their findings and go further. “The temple of Dendera is the temple of the Lady of Heaven and all the basics of Astronomy and Astrology start from there, and that was over their reconstructions, longer than currently contemplated is the sixth of the only original foundation, which the architects “successors of Horus”, who were the first survivors arrived on the banks of the Nile, after the Atlantean cataclysm back. There is a type of papyrus Pharaoh Khufu who build the Great Pyramid is attributed (though probably much earlier) which is preserved in the Cairo Museum in which it is stated that “… in order of Khufu (Cheops), the Temple of Queen of Heaven Dendera be rebuilt for the third time, on the same site as the plans established by the “successors of Horus” on gazelle skins and safeguarded in the archives of the King … “



Another key aspect of the research concerns Slosman phonics. The starting point is Chapter XVII of the Book of the Dead because through it you get to Atlantis. In that book he talks about the “beyond”, but in this case is the name of a country that was submerged by “the wrath of God.” That country was called AHA-MEN-Ptah (Amenta for the Greeks; Amenti in Castilian), the realm of the dead, but that its exact translation means “firstborn first heart or heart of Ptah” (as many texts Ptah is “One God”, “the Lord God,” “the Almighty”).

The driver Dendera threading and thread is great cataclysm that chapter XVII, which establishes the situation from the ancestors, and the ancestors are the pharaohs, for “Pharaoh” is again a Greek word hieroglyph is PHER-AON, PER- AHA, which means “descendant of the Firstborn” and the firstborn is Osiris. The whole plot is explained along a long text in which it is said that the first-born were in the other country, AHA-Men-Ptah , which was swallowed by the sea, the survivors settled ATH-KA-PTAH , which means “the second heart of Ptah” , the Greek phonetization is Egyptos .

If this data point as there was a tremendous cataclysm that engulfed an entire continent, it had to be Atlantis. The texts of Plato talk about it clearly. He himself said that it was Solon who inspired Timaeus and Critias and Solon lived seven years in Egypt and learned from the priests of Sais everything about the submerged continent, as well as hieroglyphics, which he read and understood.



It should be borne in mind that disasters of this magnitude have been repeated on a regular basis, and refer the reader to the magnificent study by Juan Bonet , gorgeous researcher, who in his book The shift of the Earth , published by the University of Navarra, describes four rollovers and gotten on our planet and also suggests the possibility of a fifth next rollover (rollover about 180 degrees) with the resulting cataclysm. All rollovers are associable gotten to the various accounts of floods of various legends and traditions, which many can be reduced to four, coincide in their characteristics with those four rollovers. Precisely the latter, which coincided with the end of the last glaciation (the originator of the final), which was sunk Atlantis, collected in the epic of Gilgamesh and the biblical flood of Noah.

In this regard Slosman that the priests, who were aware of what was going to happen, had done to build tens of thousands of unsinkable boats, they called mancgit not only helped to save a portion of the population, but were used also by his descendants. Are these “sacred boats” that are found every- where where were saved Osiris, Isis and Horus.

When the Earth flipped 180º rotating on the axis, the apparent motion of the Sun first stopped and then the sky seemed to collapse. Then the sun fell on course to be the way he had come, all in a very short time. Then, accompanied by giant earthquakes occurred great dive and the disappearance of the sun.

The survivors fled in all directions, but most of them went to what had been until then, “the Land of Sunset “ gue is precisely what the word means Maghreb , the Moroccan coast. From there they went on a long exodus to the Nile.



Said Chapter XVII of the Book of the Dead picks actually “the original theology of the world which all have been derived.” A surprising theology because it is absolutely monotheistic and “identical to the God of Abraham and Moses” According Slosman, “the Old Testament is but a copy of this original theology, which is too easily forgotten that Moses was Prince of Egypt, therefore, he had been elevated to high priest because he was destined to hold the scepter. ”

To this we must add something very important: the result of careful, documented and thorough investigation by the Egyptian writer Ahmed Osman concluding that the Prince, of a Jewish mother, Queen Tiyi, daughter of the vizier Susa (the Biblical Joseph) and Egyptian father, King Amenhotep III was King Amenhotep IV, who is best known as Akhenaten, the Heretic King or because restores the worship of one God, Aten, and Akhenaten is precisely Moses.

To properly position the issue must digress. The name Moshe, Moses does not mean “saved from the water”, but is usually interpreted as “born of water” as “water” always represent the essence of life. Besides the world of water symbolizes the emotional world, which is associated with love between his Egyptian father and Jewish mother, he was born, which automatically makes it indisputable that Jews for Judaism “Jews are the children of Jewish belly “(mother is always evident, but the father is only presumed).

This name has a connotation of utmost importance as it relates to the “born from the waters of the cataclysm,” the “firstborn”, descendants of the firstborn (Osiris) and successors of Horus in ATH-KHA-PTAH, in the “Second Heart Ptah “. Consequently, the name Moses serves as a clear clue to relate to his royal origin, indicating that it is not a prince either. As such, well prepared to handle the material world, is prepared to handle the spiritual world, as the Pharaoh’s high priest. And so he learned from the first letter to the last, all the Egyptian original monotheism as taught precisely in Dendera.



Moreover Akenaton set, it restores the original monotheism with Ptah, the One, who is representing himself ATON, and once done, moved his capital to a place where the desert mountains forming an arc whose string is the Nile and giving the name of “the horizon of Aten”, Akhenaten, now known as Tell el Amarna. But it does more. Trace on Egyptian territory a giant circle, hundreds of kilometers in diameter, marked with twelve pillars, and in them he writes: “These are the limits of my kingdom.” These limits are well below the actual Empire, consisting of Upper and Lower Egypt, but apparently only because the stelae represent the twelve gates of the zodiac, which becomes his kingdom which is “beyond” the entire universe.

Akhenaten, as Egyptologists, is shot down by a priestly revolt and probably killed, although neither his grave nor his mummy was never found, and his name was erased from the monuments; however there is a trail of El Amarna, which figure simply disappeared.

Moses also disappears and reappears Egypt forty years later, to be a people virtually “clean” of religion, the “Habiru” – most Egyptian Jews, as is quite clear if you read carefully the principle of Éxodo- to those who knew and those who passed all the Egyptian monotheism and he had learned there, coupled with the experience and knowledge he had acquired over forty years with Jethro, the priest of Midian who will become his father.


VALUE hieroglyphs

What few know is that in 1812 in Grenoble Champollion published a book entitled From the writing of the ancient Egyptians , which states that “in any way hieroglyphic script is alphabetic, representing things, no sounds” and says the same thing the hieratic script which he considers “a hieroglyphic shorthand”. The Champollion himself did disappear from the libraries on the grounds that “could harm the pious” because it was traced to Pharaonic dynasties year 5285 BC, ie before the official birth of Adam.

Clement of Alexandria, Father of the Church of the third century, in his Stromatas makes very near to the reality of what they are and represent different types of Egyptian scripture study, and Aristotle himself, in the Treaty of philosophy according to the Egyptians , refers to the hieroglyphs, which is more than likely knew perfectly in its dimension of sacred language that writes. “The Egyptians, having known the spiritual forms, is expressed by an intellectual doctrine above human ways They recorded these lofty concepts figures through the stones turning the walls of their temples. They used both the sciences and the arts for all to indicate that intangible spirit had created everything from individual models of each being. ”

And Slosman adds: “At all times these hieroglyphs were subject to a respectful consideration because these images could only be carriers of a heavenly message. The Divine Science Its symbolic significance could only be definitely mystical and initiatory . This means above all that the hieroglyphs are ideographic, highly spiritual basis, and for this reason most of the signs were not understood by the people. That is, there was a popular language that was read aloud and therefore it was spoken. It was later called demotic language. Therefore, it has been assumed that the hieroglyph was but a written language for the conservation of Original Tradition “.

In fact, conflicts in which the sages were immersed in applying the method to the texts Champollion were enormous because besides being totally different interpretations from each other, usually the results are incomprehensible. The Greeks called hieroglyphics “sacred language”. We can understand that is because the first date of Menes, and when we find 4000 years later on the Rosetta Stone, the signs are absolutely identical. In 4000 years has not changed any. However, there were two languages ??spoken, demotic and hieratic, which suffered huge changes in 500 or 600 years, to the extent that after 1000 years is no longer included.

There are five major dictionaries of hieroglyphs: Swiss, Belgian, two French and one English, and all of them no two words that are comparable: no results but each interprets in his own way the images you see. The hieroglyphs are diverse iconography: birds, animals, men, women, but they are understandable, real, original, traditional language.

And if this approach collides with the traditional … What are you going to do! What are you going to do? Yes you can do: return to the humility of science devoid of dogmatism. Opening to true science, which itself is always open to all possibilities. Perhaps it’s time in this changing time know the legacy, the message, the instructions of our ancestors.


 Article written by Emilio Bourgon and published in the journal ENIGMAS in January 1996.


Original text

Según las investigaciones recogidas en este artículo, buena parte de los atlántes que se salvaron llegaron a la costa de Marruecos y desde allí se dirigieron a Egipto llevando consigo el recuerdo de su civilización, sus conocimientos y creencias, y dejando abundantes muestras de su paso.

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