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Archive 2913

READING 470-22
M 48 (Construction Engineer, Theosophist)

This Psychic Reading given by Edgar Cayce at his home on Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 5th day of July, 1938, in accordance with request made by the self – Mr. [470], Active Member of the Ass’n for Research & Enlightenment, Inc.

Present: Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. Mr. [470], Mrs. [1100], Mrs. [1628] and a Mrs. Edgerton.

Time and Place: 3:50 to 4:25 P. M. Eastern Standard Time. …, Ohio.

(Entity, born August 6, 1889 in Joliet, Ill., who seeks at this time detailed information regarding past lives and urges from them in which he developed his talents and abilities with reference to electrical forces. Questions.)


  1. EC: Yes, we have the records of that entity called [470], and that which has been given through these channels respecting the activities of the entity; especially in relationship to the influences or the use of the forces of electricity – as called.
  2. In giving that from the records as we find here, there were two – yea, three experiences of the entity in which these forces or influences were used by the entity in ways that made for a great contribution to the affairs of individuals or humanity in those experiences.
  3. Something then of the background of these is necessary to be reviewed, if there is to be made or used by the entity in the present a practical application of these urges that are latent and may be manifested in the experience.
  4. When in the Atlantean land, there were those making for that change that was for the preservation of the peoples; and the entity – with others – migrated to what is known as the Peruvian, or later known as the Incal land.
  5. There we find the application of the electrical forces and influences was especially in the association and the activities of same upon metals; not only as to their location but as to the manner of the activity of same as related to the refining of some, and the discovery of others, and the use of the various forms or transportation of same – or transformation of same to and through those influences in the experience.
  6. We find the entity there made use of the metal known as iron, or the combinations of iron and copper – which have long since been removed from use in the present; or copper so tempered by the use of same with a little of the iron, or in its formation in such a way and manner as to be hardened to the abilities for same to be used much in the way that many of those combinations have been found in the Egyptian, the Peruvian and portions of the Chaldean lands – and MORE will be found in the Indo-China city yet to be uncovered.
  7. All of these arose from the applications of same that were a part of the activity of the entity then, now called [470].
  8. In the activities the application of these was in a little different order, of course, from that in the present. For the characters of the dynamo or the generators for same were used in a way and manner in which there was the transformation of the direct to the activities for using same much in the same manner (the entity will understand, in the study of same) in which gases are now used as a means for propelling force or influence to act as a pump for the transformation of casing-head gas to gasoline, and the REFUSE used to produce or make the power for the machine producing same.
  9. That is, from the direct current passing through the activity of the fusing of metals and the transmutation that forms from same, and the active forces as turned into that in which it makes for the clearing of the refuse forces of the ore in such a manner that the very fuse itself becomes the source of an alternating current to which there is added then a stepped-up activity in which the direct current then becomes the source of the energy to produce this fusing of the metals or ores.
  10. Again we find in the activities of same the entity made a soon return to the Egyptian land, when the entity made preparations for a part of the armor, or part of the defense; as the armor bearer or the protector for the activities of the King.
  11. All of these activities then became a part of the use of electrical forces for metals and their activity upon same to be used as carbonizing them, or directing them in manners in which they became as magnetic forces for the applications to portions of the body for transmuting or changing the EFFECT of activities upon the physical energies and forces of the body; able to use same as re-ionizing or re-generating the bodily forces themselves.
  12. For as the very forces of the bodily functionings are electrical in their activity, the very action of assimilation and distribution of assimilated forces is in the physical body an active force of the very LOW yet very high VIBRATORY forces themselves.
  13. Hence there the entity made application in those directions; and these act upon the influences or forces or metals, or active principles within the human forces themselves.
  14. For within the human body – living, not dead – LIVING human forces – we find every element, every gas, every mineral, every influence that is outside of the organism itself. For indeed it is one with the whole. For it is not only a portion of, and equal to, and able to overcome or meet every influence within, but there is not the ability in the third dimensional force or influence to even imagine anything that isn’t a part of the activity of a physical LIVING organism!
  15. Hence the use of these was a portion of the entity’s experience, when there was the preparation for the cleansing and the transmuting of the bodies in the preparations for the new race.
  16. Just so the entity in itself, in study, in listening to the influences within, conceives of and sees these changes that are possible. Why not? He helped to make them in those experiences, through those activities!
  17. Ready for questions.
  18. (Q) Please give the name of a book or books which will explain the ionic theory.
    (A) As just indicated, those from which there may be gained another concept of gas and its activity. Through those same channels or sources may we find the greater theories, and the active forces, of electronics upon metals, or the ionics, or the activities of iron with the influences or forces themselves.
    Or, a study with one who has prepared much with the Tennessee Coal and Iron; the engineerings there, and the findings there; in the study as to the application of the various elements necessary – for then there will be found channels through which there may be gained the insight into the study of same.
    But the real FINDINGS may come within, see? within self!
  19. (Q) Where should I seek information on electrical currents, direct and alternating?
    (A) As we find, any of those who have studied with or in the General Electric, or those who have studied the combinations of same with or through the same channels as indicated – about the activities of same upon iron.
    Of course, the partner with the entity – who is now called Ford [Henry Ford] [See 470-22, Par. R1] – will be the one through whom and to whom these will become the most interesting, and where there may be channels through which much may come; as in the mines in portions of Kentucky where there is the coal activity and portions of iron and manganese – which is a portion, or the fusion of same in the use of these – all become a part of the activity. These will be the channels and the sources and the places through which much of this will eventually come, if the entity is active in MAKING a further study of these – and the application to the use of metals and irons especially.
  20. (Q) With reference to information given through this channel in previous reading on smelting of ores, will it be possible to use a low voltage direct current with a high potential without changing it to an alternating current?
    (A) It will be found that it is possible, plausible and will work – through this current passing, as there is begun the smelting or the changing of the ore itself by its combination with the heats and other elements that become a part of its transmutation from ore and its drosses to a metal with the ability for its working – as iron and copper, and especially those two together. These we see form and make for the ability for activity. While there are two different principles in their combinations and use with the electrical forces, we will find these will come back together.
  21. (Q) What have been my previous associations with my present wife? Please give details? [wife [1100]]
    (A) As we find, the greater or the closer association – while there were others that were later – was in the Egyptian activities, when there we find the present wife was then the daughter of the Priest; when those activities of the entity were in preparation – or when the peoples were being prepared through those influences.
    There we find the two were associates, or companions, or – as ye would call in the present – husband and wife; then they were termed rather those who were prepared to be associated or used together, see?
  22. (Q) What was the date of the Peruvian incarnation as given in Life Reading, and what was the disturbance in the earth as mentioned? Give such details as will clear up this period.
    (A) As indicated from that just given, the entity was in Atlantis when there was the second period of disturbance – which would be some twenty-two thousand, five hundred (22,500) before the periods of the Egyptian activity covered by the Exodus; or it was some twenty-eight thousand (28,000) before Christ, see?
    Then we had a period where the activities in the Atlantean land became more in provinces, or there were small channels through many of the lands.
    And there were those, with the entity and its associates or companions, who left the activities to engage in the building up of the activities in the Peruvian land. For the Atlanteans were becoming decadent, or being broken up owing to the disputes between the children of the Law of One and the children of Belial.
    In the Peruvian or Incal land we find the entity’s disturbing forces came, when there were too many beautiful women in a part of the activity. Yet this did not prevent the entity using or giving to those of the land so much of the gold, the copper, the various metals – especially gold – as the foundation for a portion of the activity during those experiences.
  23. (Q) What were my previous ties with my father, [3728]?
    (A) These as we find were in more than one appearance; though the greater or the closer association with that entity who was called or known as [3728], was in the Egyptian land. For the father then, as would be called in the present, was a close companion with the entity now called [470], in those activities where there was the transmuting of the bodily energies through electrical forces. For the father, or the entity [3728], was then what would be called today a doctor!
  24. (Q) With my mother […]?
    (A) We don’t find the vibrations here, except as a passing influence. Not a close association or affiliation. You might say that the entity was viewed as afar by the mother for the closer association, through the Peruvian or Incal periods.
  25. (Q) With my sister, [Mrs. [1895]]?
    (A) WIFE in the Peruvian period! And then another association in activities in a later American sojourn. This was very much later, and only then a friend or associate. But she was among the women of the entity’s court, as the wife, in the Peruvian sojourn. [See 470-22, Par. R19]
  26. (Q) With [487]?
    (A) Closely associated in those periods when the entity, Ajax, came into the Egyptian land. Those activities made for closer associations, for then Ajax – or [487] – and the entity now called [470] made the application or use of the abilities in engineering, and the building of machines for the application of these to the bodies of individuals – where there were appurtenances to be left off, where there was blood to be changed, or where the vibratory forces were to be set so as to remove those influences of possessions; and where there were those activities in which with the combination of sodas the bodily forces were enabled to reproduce in a manner as cross to that to which it had been set in its natural forces.
  27. (Q) With [294]?
    (A) In more than one do we find the activities were together. The closer association, however, was in the Egyptian period.
  28. (Q) With [341]?
    (A) Closely associated in the Egyptian, and in the Palestine experience.
  29. (Q) What was the moment of my birth in this life?
    (A) Three fifty-eight (3:58) in the morning.
  30. (Q) Any other information that would be of help at this time?
    (A) There’s a lot of information, and there’s a lot of wants for this in the entity. Use this we have in the present, and make those closer associations for the abilities to apply the activities of same with the metals, and we will have the hands and minds full for the present!
  31. We are through for the present.

Copy to Self
Copy to Ass’n file
[GD’s note: Mr. Cayce had the experience again of hearing the Keeper of Records speak; [during above rdg.] he said there was another book to be opened. On awaking, Mr. Cayce had the impression that another individual’s Life Reading was to be given before the record would be complete.]


  1. See 470-2, 470-10, 470-11, 470-13.
  2. 7/01/38 He referred Mr. [1624] for a Life Rdg.


  1. 1/21/28 [257]’s ltr.: “Henry Ford is a firm believer in reincarnation… I am sorry you missed Mr. Fred Seely… Henry Ford is a firm believer in the work we are doing and thru Mr. Seely you no doubt will get a chance to meet him.” [GD’s note: EC never did meet him.]
  2. 7/12/38 Wife [1100]’s letter: “[470]’s reading came and of course the more I read it the more enthusiastic I become. Can hardly wait to go to Detroit. Evidently [470] and Mr. Ford have been partners all along.” [“We still know nothing definite as to how soon we are going to Detroit, but [470]’s chart, set up to the new birth time (470-22, Par. 29-A) reveals it should be soon or at least that is my interpretation.”]
  3. 8/04/38 [470] referred Mr. [1656] for a Physical Rdg.
  4. 8/14/38 On arriving in Detroit they wrote referring Mrs. [1666] for a Physical Rdg.
  5. 9/06/38 Wife [1100]’s letter: “I had quite a thrill last Monday, before leaving the hotel. I was sitting in the lobby talking with a friend, when I looked up and saw Mr. Ford coming in. He is as spry as a youngster and moves very quickly. He glanced in my direction (or so I thought) and went on into the barber shop. He just returned the day before from his vacation.”
  6. 9/22/38 [470] obtained a Ck. Physical – See 470-23.
  7. 11/07/38 Wife’s letter: “[470] is worried about labor conditions on the job, as some of the Ford men are a bit disagreeable. He has not met Mr. Ford yet, as he seems to be a hard man to ‘get to’, and the opportunity has not presented itself. I am hoping and praying that this meeting will come about, as I feel it will bring much happiness and satisfaction to [470], as well as much benefit to mankind.”
  8. 11/12/38 See brother-in-law’s rdg. 1745-1, Par. 50-A indicating he was associated with [470] in Egypt.
  9. 11/25/38 Wife [1100]’s ltr.: “We spent Thanksgiving with [470]’s sister… She signed an application and I believe is sending it in soon for a Life Reading. [See 1895-1.]
  10. 1/16/39 Wife’s letter: “[470] hasn’t made that contact yet. Henry Ford is very hard to contact. It’s practically impossible without telling your business, beforehand, so can you offer a suggestion?”
  11. 1/19/39 EC’s reply: “Hope [470] pulls the right strings somewhere and gets a hearing. Have to evince his interest in meditation.”
  12. 3/31/39 “Have been trying to find out how to get to see Mr. Ford but it is a very hard task…So have been wondering if it would be possible to ask the information or the source if it could tell how to meet Mr. Ford. If you think this possible or if you would try to find out, would like to ask the following questions:” [See 470-25 on 4/05/39.]
  13. See subsequent notations under 470-2
  14. 5/02/39 Wife’s letter: “[470] wrote a personal letter to Mr. Henry Ford last Friday, briefly touching on you and the work and enclosing one of the pamphlets. He mentioned the Life Readings and the fact that his name (Mr. Ford’s) was mentioned in his ([470]’s) reading. So far, no answer has been received. We are hoping and praying that he will be sufficiently interested to grant [470] an interview…if this materializes we may not go to Italy, or it may be resumed after we return. If [470] could have postponed his decision to go to Italy, he would have done so.”
  15. 5/16/39 Wife’s letter: “[470] had an answer to his first letter to Mr. Ford (from secretary) asking for full particulars as to reason for wanting or asking for interview. [470] wrote again saying he had gone into same quite thoroughly in first letter, also enclosing one of the pamphlets, A MAN – HIS WORK – WHAT IT MAY MEAN TO YOU. [470] asked them to re-read his first letter and if possible to present same and pamphlet to Mr. Ford, and to be governed by his decision as to whether he would be granted an interview. He had an answer saying they would endeavor to bring his correspondence to the attention of Mr. Ford and in the event Mr. Ford was interested they would write again. So that’s all we know.
    “Mr. [165] said that Mr. [257] knew someone high up in the Ford organization thru whom [470] might be able to obtain an interview. [470] hasn’t written [257], hoping to hear something favorable from the letters.”
  16. 6/18/39 See personal message in 262-121, Par. 3-A.
  17. 6/30/39 See Ck. Life on his Irish incarnation, 470-29, asking questions about past and present relationships, also his forthcoming trip to Italy. See 470-29, Par. 21-A, 22-A indicating that Henry Ford was associated with [470] in a business way in the Ireland incarnation, having to do with preparation of minerals, ores, for commercial use.
  18. See subsequent Life Readings 470-29 and 470-33 in re Henry Ford, etc.
  19. [470]’s wife, Mrs. [1100], said she understood so many things now, about how Mrs. [1895] had always taken for granted Mr. [470]’s financial help for herself and children, etc. She, Mrs. [1400], could be more tolerant now, knowing that she, Mrs. [1100], had been the usurper in the Peru period.