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 Barringer Crater and Younger Dryas

Earth Mother Speaking to Me in Epiphany ~


A Recent Find Placing

Stonehenge with the United States

Southwest Cultures



If we stop meteors from hitting our Earth Mother

we can end our ancient fear and we can begin to make a solid peace.

This work allows one to end harms, crimes, and wars in order for the peace to hold. 




“The key’s in the lock and the tumblers are turning.”

KEY: By not winning or losing we are fully engaged by the Universe.  By choosing not to fight, and only to live peace, we can renew all. The only law is to do no harm to yourself or others.


 John Patrick Hill © 2020

Under Epiphany, I have made finds about a friendship between cultures that offers proofs to the Younger Dryas Impact theory, and shows origin for construction of both Stonehenge, the Giza Three, and supports research by others on the construction of Gobelki Tepe.  My work is based on an earlier paper which spoke of ancient mapping of the Earth completed before the creation of Stonehenge.  In my current discovery, I found that ancient people working to record the Younger Dryas Meteor Impact, used the earlier event of the Barringer Impact to make their voices known.  They made use of the Crater to stunningly present the horrendous power of the Younger Dryas.  They took the dimensions of the Crater and used them to create their monuments to the YD, in order to display this relationship.  By combining this information, our ancestors were able to present a very powerful message; that we must find a path to stop another such impact, for the very impossible to describe destruction that fell upon their ancestors, 5000 years before.

I wish to add that in the location where I live, is a mountain containing uranium.  Leads is the result of the breakdown of uranium.  I was hurt by lead poisoning for 35 years, from 1985 to 2020.  What I hold is that many of the peoples that you see in these works may have entered the valley where I live in ancient times, looking for the answers to the Holy Grail or the Mysteries and became toxic.  Many of the solutions in math I find are coming from a level I recognize.  Electricity conducts at 100 through copper and at 8 through lead.  Imagine your nervous system in this.  Maybe easier is to imagine traveling 100 miles and the normal person gets there in an hour.  The lead harmed person take 12.5 hours… You can imagine the story of each and consider both when you give a report to your nation when the evidence is given as to finds and layouts…


The Younger Dryas Meteor Event occurred 12.5 thousand years ago.  It is told that multiple large meteors hit in North America and Europe producing fire and floods.  It was of such intensity that the heat created nano-diamonds on the ground and melted the Canadian ice sheets.  It was total destruction in North America.  To the South, meteors went as far as Venezuela, Ecuador, and Peru.  Here is a video from the television series NOVA telling the story in general terms;

It was preceded by the Barringer Impact.  The crater from this event is located in Arizona and occurred 50 thousand years ago.  It wiped out the entire Southwest region and destroyed an entire way of life on the North American continent.  Here is a second video from NOVA which includes the Barringer Impact;

The people of Stonehenge and Giza created their stone works to tell future generations about the Younger Dryas Meteor Event.  This meteor event was of such magnitude that it physically destroyed human history.  In using the Biblical stories as example, it took us away from the Garden of Eden, and split us beyond Noah’s Flood.  It wrecked lives across the globe and destroyed entire species in the areas where it hit heaviest.

Our ancestors wanted their grandchildren to know what had happened, so that they could consider what to do to stop another impact.  In January, I brought together a number of years of research to show a relationship between the peoples of North America, Europe, and Africa.  This connection is suggested by the Hopi in their myths, but this find was independent of their histories and work.  I found this video, a few months after putting my work together;  It is by Thomas Mills.

My support of this can be found in a single clue from the geomancer’s tool kit: a gold link in a global chain of connection between Stonehenge, the Giza Three in Egypt, and the Barringer Crater & the Mummy Cave Cliff Palace in Arizona.  This link is found in the mathematics behind geomancy.

Geomancy is a complex art of interpretation and skill in recognizing patterns, (Wikipedia).   This skill was used to create buildings and to organize towns and cities.

In 2008, I independently found that Spider Rock in Arizona was due north of Easter Island in the Pacific.  Gary David tells in his 2006 work, The Orion Zone that Canyon de Chelly itself is north of the Island.  I had begun my work looking into these patterns by watching old VHS tapes of Graham Hancock.  After seeing one of his videos tell how Angkor Wat, Giza, and Easter Island were all related on a common line about the Earth, I attempted to find this relationship on Google Earth.

The program was new to me, and I could not see how to connect the three.  My cursor ended laying over Easter Island.  Growing up, I had heard of the Hopi story that people from the South Pacific had traveled to South America, moved north to the American Southwest and became the People there.  As I knew so little of South America to the East, and there was nothing to capture the attention by going West, I looked north in thought to this ancient culture.

I let my cursor fly as far north as Canada, and then I slowly came back down over my line, to find what I might.  When I drew near Arizona, a flag popped up telling I was over Spider Rock, near Canyon de Chelly.  When I zoomed down, I found my line was right on top of Spider Rock.  I must have gone over that line dozens of times to see what I had found.  It was directly in line with Easter Island, and further, it was directly connected to the North and South Poles in one continuous line.  In my mind, I was seeing the original Prime Meridian.

In 2012, just before leaving on a trip to West Mexico to study the round pyramids and the remains of ancient Mesoamerican cultures there, I saw the video, Secrets in Plain Sight by Scott Onstott.  In it, I learned of Robin Heath’s work at Stonehenge.  Robin is a geomancer from Wales and has worked for decades at recording and measuring ancient sites across Europe.  He had found a right triangle between Stonehenge, Lundy Island, and the blue stone quarry where stone was brought in to create the Henge.


After finding Robin’s 5/12/13 Triangle, I wondered if it might set in place over Easter Island and Spider Rock.  In my attempt, I made measure and opened the triangle so that it fit the area over the Pacific and mainland, USA.  As I did so, I stayed very close to the work Mr. Heath had produced and made sure my angles were all correct and uniform.  A 30/60/90 degree right triangle.   Please see the image below.


The lower line hit nothing to the east, but did cross the Galapagos Islands  going north.  Just this fact brought up all sorts of thoughts about England and the infamous work of Charles Darwin on evolution.  I was ecstatic and wrote a paper that was published online in Austria, Romania, and in the US magazine, Ancient American, in 2013.  Here is the Google Drive link to that original paper;  This Pacific Triangle has Easter Island to the South, Spider Rock to the North, and an open area to the SouthEast.  The Galapagos lay on the line between this open place and Spider Rock.

In this original work, I surmised that the ancient Pacific Island peoples, in cooperation with peoples all over the globe, had worked to map the Earth.  And I suggested this was all done prior to the creation of Stonehenge, as this Pacific Triangle was suggestive of the Stonehenge Triangle.

Yet, dishearteningly so, I received absolutely no feedback on any of these publishing’s.  None.  Perhaps my direction was off.  After leaving my work  for two years, I was given a new line by Scott Onstott that showed Cuzco and Quito connected at a 45 degree angle.  This line wasn’t fully functioning in my work, but it did guide me back into my research.

In the preceding image, you can see the large diagonal going from the lower left to the upper right.  That line follows from Easter Island, over the Galapagos, over Cape Wrath in Scotland, over an Ashoka Pillar in India, and goes back in one continuous line to Easter Island.  I found this after seeing Giorgio Tsoukalos tell that the Island was antipodal to the Pillar.

When I got back to work, my computer crashed and I had to redraw all my lines.  As I re-measured and began laying out the Pacific Triangle, I noted that to the south of the end point of my eastern 5 line, was an island.  This was Isla San Felix.  I most likely noted this before, but brushed them aside as they did not fit unto the 90 degree’s that Robin had used in his layout.  When I connected the Isla to Easter Island, my new 5 Line was well below the 90 degree angle of my previous triangle.  Almost 200 miles below at the eastern tip.  This wasn’t entirely troublesome, as I felt that perhaps the ancient people were going directly with what was offered by the Earth, and that in time the perfect triangle would actually be suggested by this imperfect natural one.

Then, I would discover that the ancient people of Easter Island had created the platform of Mo’ai at the south of the Island to show a correction in this error of the Pacific Triangle.  In looking at the image below, you can see the diagonal line that goes around the Earth, in red.  The yellow line shows the angle of the platform.  The black line going east is the new 5 Line.  By laying the longitude and latitude grid over my Google Earth image I could see how the angles made by the yellow and black lines equaled each other in relationship to the two lines of the grid, shown in white.  This gave proof that the ancient people of Easter Island had worked to map the Earth and large scale monuments were being created to give correction and direction.



Interestingly, the Mo’ai on this platform are facing toward Japan; possibly a suggestion that the Japanese were also involved in the ancient mapping of the Earth.  Or perhaps greater, that the Japanese were part of a large circle of peoples and cultures who worked together to connect these far away waters with travels going on in mainland Asia.  North America was connected to the seas and thus to the rest of the planet through this Pacific Triangle.  In knowing the measure of all three lines of the Triangle, it would be possible to map out the entire earth, both by land and by sea.     Easter Island could have served as respite for many long sea voyages in ancient times.  It obviously served as a very important horizon marker for navigators to look to when crossing this area of the ocean.  In the Disney movie, Moana, the female character Moana is taught to measure distances between stars in order to transfer those to the ocean’s horizon line, by the rough God Maui.  With just a hand, the distances could be crossed and direct line sailing could be had.  When near enough to see Easter Island, this large spot on the ocean would have made easy work of knowing exactly where one was on the sea.  And triangulating from there would have been the start of knowing every point on every ocean across the Earth.  Because measurements known between the Galapagos Islands and Isla San Felix were also being used to make pinpoint the accuracy  on all future maps.


All this information would also be put on hold for over a year as I took care of personal business.  There were letters from royal houses, letters from President Obama and all this was connected toward peace work across the planet.  This work also brought forward its own detractors and I was buried in some of the details.  But, in November of 2016, I got back to work in ernest.  The Younger Dryas Meteor event became known to me years ago, and I began piecing these thoughts to my earlier work and began forming a movie idea. That resulted in 40 pages of text that was pulling together attempts at a number of film ideas.  Some of these ideas relied on the very supernatural events of my epiphany, and others were made up of spiritual relationships that carried during this time.  There was a glint of the miracle beginning to show.

Then in January of this year, my break came.  By getting free of some of those haggard details, I found some very important proofs to the Younger Dryas Impact Theory.  This theory states that 12.5 thousand years ago, a very large meteor or asteroid hit and strafed North America and Europe, wiping out the entire continent.  These meteors hit over Mexico and went as far south as Peru.  In Europe, signs of crater impacts from this time period show up in Syria.

The many meteors were hitting all over the continent and were producing temperatures of 3600 degrees.  Nano-diamonds are recorded in some places, a result of this high heat, and a black-mat layer is evidence of the great burn of plants and soils over many vast areas.  The black-mat is an actual layer of earth which shows in river banks and other exposed soil layers.  Archeologists show that below the black line running through these banks, megafaunal remains are easily found.  Yet, above the line, there is no evidence of these great animals.  The heat was so disastrous.  Tungsten steel melts at this temperature, and tungsten in used in light bulbs and missiles for its high heat endurance.  The history of people ended that day in North America.  Just the pummeling and heat produced would have ended most lives.

But up north in Canada a whole other story moved across the Earth.  When these same meteors hit the ice cap there, that ice melted and the flood was so immense that it became myth.  The Hopi here in America tell of it, and in the Middle East, the story of Noah’s Ark appears.

The American example of the flood has Wallula Gap of Washington State and the Great Plains as showcases of the immense destruction wrought by the melting waters.  Many researchers are working in these areas including Randal Carlson, James Kennett, Charles P. O’Dale, Graham Hancock, Luann Becker, and others.  They’ve many videos which can give details and many histories.

The Great Plains are a broad sweep of land, with the Rocky Mountains to the West and the Appalachians to the East.  All the lands between these two ranges allowed the great waters to flow very expansively and quickly down from the two mile high ice pack over Canada.  This flow raged unto the Gulf of Mexico.  Google Earth images can allow one’s imagination to see the waters as they flooded south.



The lines relate to my work, and the large circle over the Southwest area of the USA, shows the place where the Barringer Impact occurred.   But, when looking to the center of the map image, to the Great Plain itself, one can see easily how the waters from Canada swept southward from the ice pack and fell into the Gulf quite rapidly.  With the immense flow and no other direction to follow, the water quickly ate up ground and forced a wall of sediment and detritus before it.

When considering the same powerful flow in the west, one can see how the water had to break around the mountains in order to continue.  Just above the white circle in the image one can be seen a fluttering over the ground.  This compares to sand near water sources that is channeled by water washing over it, such as a beach or river.  One can make out the vast amount of water that was necessary to make these same ripples occur over the entire State of Nevada.



NNNNNNNNN Try to imagine being struck by meteors and other debris and then hit with fiery temperatures capable of melting steel.  Then watch as a wall of water comes raging down from the North sweeping away animals, plants, people, and entire ecosystems.

And remember, as the ice melts and the lands are flooded directly, this water is flowing into the oceans and the Earth over we see a huge rise in the water levels.  If we are talking today of a 2-10 foot rise in sea levels if the ice melts now, how high and how fast did the oceans rise then when ice two miles thick, melted into the seas?

The Mojave Desert of California, Nevada, and Arizona was once filled with lakes and streams and waterfowl.  When the Younger Dryas flood came sweeping down from Canada, it brought ahead of it millions of tons of debris and soils.  It literally covered the regions under a thick layer of silt and created a desert.  Just as happened in Africa.  The Sahara is told to have once been a grassland.  But, when the waters in Europe swept down, they passed over the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, dropping their heavy load of rock and sand, and continued on with a finer degree of silt that encompassed the region in dunes and drifting sands.

Our spirits guide our bodies to do what we know can happen. We’ve been working by spirit for eons to stop another tragic impact.  We do know what to do.  Our governing elders should work to stop another YD event.  Our spiritual elders should work to heal us.  And our cultural elders should work to bridge the gap between the two places, stopping and healing.  I once heard from a domestic violence shelter that we must stop the harm, before we can treat the hurt.  Forgiving without stopping will not work.

If one imagines, those people who were struck in both the Barringer Impact, and the Younger Dryas, can be stuck in a loop of pain.  This is a view taken by those who feel being born again is possible.  But, for those who don’t live this way, consider the very real energy that pervades life from the horrible destruction this event still presents.  All life was, in my mind, living in peaceful harmony with the Universe, prior to the impacts.

If we allow for rebirth of spirit to the physical life, we find that when those people were struck, their attempts to renew life from spirit, was broken, especially those who were hit without knowledge of what happened, meaning they were struck directly.  When they realize their passing, their attempt to return to Earth to be reborn was met with an Earth that had no resemblance to the Earth they left.  They are met with an anguish that does not go away.  When they think to return to life, they are still living the Great Peace, but are asked to live in the Total Destruction.  The two places never meet.

And while those immediately struck, the people, the animals and plants, still powerfully tears at souls, those who survived in places such as China, Africa, India, South America, Mexico, Australia, and the island nations can be seen as still greater.

To live knowing all that had happened, the great impact, the fires, the flood, the wailing, and the cutting of connections to family and friends, and life must be immeasurable.  This pain is what drives our fear today.  What if….?

There are stories of China building great ships and setting out around the Earth one to three thousand years ago.  This could be based on ancient attempts to find those connections.  All the seafaring nations could be seen as attempting the same, while surviving the fear of the new wars and the new rage.

The memories of our fallen Earth also presses our senses to total grief.  I’ve read we once had trees a kilometer high.  An abundance fostered by the 250,000 years before any previous impact unto the Barringer Strike.  By the time of the Younger Dryas 37,000 years later, much had regrown, but our ancient peace was shaken.

Imagine fairie realms, old trees, ancient shoals, beloved habitats, and animals bordering in all areas as friends.  And now see all being lost in a matter of weeks across vast stretches of the planet.

And now, if you do not believe in reincarnation, or rebirth of the soul to the physical plane, consider how very horrible this event is, and then try to recall your reaction to seeing very graphic scenes of war, or cruelty to animals.


Consider how much anguish and stress these images cause in the moment of their viewing, and then look at how very powerful the thoughts behind the suffering of the Younger Dryas Impact, and the Barringer Impact had on humanity and earth life in those eras.  In my mind, that energy, that fear is why our current troubles exist today.  If we keep this thought, we can take this teaching to the very point of our duress today, and we can truly stop war.  In my own nation, I feel President Trump is working in just this way.  The outward appearance is filled with the past hurt of the YD, but inwardly, I feel he is working to bring forth those people in the USA who have endured the finality of our only Civil War.

Somewhere in our past, the people in our Southern states were hurt so horribly that their reaction dresses the nation in a painful cloak.   There are stories of the ancient peoples traveling into Northern Europe and taking slaves, making war.  But, this history is no more acceptable than that which occurred later in this nation.

The work by President Obama should be woven unto that going on now with President Trump.  While the nation has had these eight years to heal, that progress should foster the people with President Trump toward their own rebirth.  Our nation does stand at a pivotal point in time, and I feel our elders are working to bring us together.

War has been the reality ever since the Impact.  It was our survival and our fear that forged it upon our souls.  Yet, we cannot accept war, and we must not accept our pain and fear to each other.  The Younger Dryas Impact was the same as that which drove the dinosaurs to extinction.  Its severity cannot be looked upon without breaking down in deep sorrowful tears at the immensity involved.

The effects of the impact and the survival that was forced upon us eventually grew to become competition.  When our souls had passed, and wished to return to the Earth to live and found Eden lost, they had no way to return to the former life of peace they knew existed.  If we were to work on environmental renewal, we will need to also let loose of our path of survival and competition.  It will not operate in a peaceful world.  In a world not looking at rebirth of the soul, again competition is rooted to war and if we are going to renew life, we can let of it and live beautifully.

This is a tremendous strike and a horrid loss of life.  It demands note by monument and ceremony.  Upon returning to my work, after prayer for the extreme loss of life, I wanted to know how we survived and what we knew.  This was deep inside.


The circle of Stonehenge was placed at the top of the triangle in England. When I went to see what was above the triangle in the United States, above Spider Rock, I made use of the geomancer’s spiritual sense.




At first, I was going to attempt to gain an actual scale for the circle of Stonehenge, basing its dimension on the size of its accompanying triangle.  But, something said I wasn’t on the right path.


I had had a recent vision of the Barringer Impact.  In it, I saw how the meteor came down, and how the shock waves and debris fields spread out from the point of impact.  While considering the question of the circles above the triangles in each location, I took notice of the nearby crater while studying the area above Spider Rock.  Something inside, spirit, intuition told me the way to arrive at the diameter of the Pacific Triangle top circle was to use the triangle itself.

I took the diameter of the crater and multiplied it by the 12 line.  In that the circle sat above Spider Rock , I chose the line connected to it.  This is Robin Heath’s triangle below.



The diameter of the crater was 0.72 miles ~ x12 equaled 8.64 miles.  When I measured up from Spider Rock, to place the dimension of the circle there, I ran into the remains of Mummy Cave, a cliff dweller palace.  To my mind I felt, a proof unto my own work.



Next, I wanted to compare this to Stonehenge and find how the two may have related.  I took the diameter of the crater again and this time, was guided to multiply it by the base line of 5 units.

This measure came to be 0.72 miles x 5 which equals 3.6 miles.  I quickly extended this out to 360 and took it to Stonehenge for comparison.  360 feet, being a perfect circle in itself, came to note the ditch and embankment that surrounds the inner circle of standing stones.

So, this told me, I was spot-on with my calculations.  With this reality sitting before me, it beckoned as to what other locations may be related in the same way as this geomantic proof.  Perhaps because of my original work, going back to 2007 with Graham’s VHS series telling of Anghkor Wat, Giza, and Easter Island, I went to Giza, and found that when I measured corner-to-corner at the three main pyramids of the complex, this number matched perfectly to the number at Barringer Crater; 0.72 miles.

This bit of work goes back to the video I spoke of at the beginning of this paper by Thomas Mills on the Hopi.  He shows a diagram of the Giza Pyramids that tells of a relationship to the Tribe, but is not exactly what I show.   My information may be more from the English side of the conversation.

Of possible interest here, in order to connect the Southwest Tribes to my own personal experience is a story from my childhood.  When I was a child of three in my desert home of Barstow, CA my brother Michael and I saw an immense beauty entered from the sky to the north.

It was an earthen spheroid, traveling very low and slowly, with no rotation at all, like a knuckle ball.  It’s surface was crumbly and fissured, much like the texture of the Marvel Comics character, The Thing.  In front of the sphere were coronal friction fires which were burning up the moisture in the low atmosphere, causing hissing and wisps of steam which trailed over the surface of the sphere and disappeared off the back, leaving no tail.

Many years later, I would write Debbie Foch, then an assistant to noted UFO researcher/experience Dr. Steven Greer.  She would tell that what I saw could have been an astral entry vehicle.

What connects me to the Hopi, and possibly other nearby tribes was a feeling of peace that I have not found with any teaching tradition since.  While watching, I remember the presence of spirit behind me.  I could sense either a person or a tribal way, but each held a within, the complete and total essence of peace.  In toto.  It was a miraculous feeling and it stayed with me my entire life.  It brought me through many very difficult times.  And it supports all my work within the paper and the boundless energy hoped to be gained and produced in the movie idea surrounding these finds about the Younger Dryas event.




To me, the geomancy involved provides solid proof that the people of Europe and Africa were intricatley connected with those of America in ancient times.  Work by Robin Heath and his friends, John Michel and John Neal and Christine Rhone describe thousands of manners in which measurement was used to not only lay out cities and landscapes, but also to describe the sacred.  These monuments were created in part, `as libraries to the Younger Dryas Meteor Impact.  The geomancers of this time, worked with measure to assist the many other disciplines to create a message that would stand to time.

The many surrounding features to each site may also have powerful messages.  The shafts in the pyramids may actually tell where the meteor came from, possibly.  Or there may be other stories being told.  Similar with Stonehenge.

When one looks to the inner stand of stones at the Henge, the U shape arrangement, I offer that the arms of the U are showing the direction that the large meteors would have arrived in from the strike that occurred over the Great Lakes of the US and Canada.  It is a possibility, but I am hoping to open up conversations about what else may be being presented as message from the ancients.  Could there be gifts toward how to stop meteors, or about the reality of life in ancient times?




Look at each image.  Stonehenge to the right, has a yellow diagonal running left to right through the U shape of stones.  This matches the upper red line in the Barringer Crater image to the left.  The lower red line in the same image runs directly to Stonehenge.  That’s it in the Stonehenge image coming in from the upper left.  This marks the connection.  Now, if you use the angle between the upper red line at Barringer and the yellow line at Stonehenge this matches closely the flight path of the Younger Dryas Meteor that struck over the Great Lakes.  See purple line in image below.

Again, it may be a reach, but I hope to find a path for people to converse.  If heads of state and royal houses can talk of stopping meteors such as the Younger Dryas, we could move to peace once again.



Here is a supporting find that is a little less of a reach to put together.  Heavener Rune Stone in Arkansas actually is associated with this set of sites.  It marks the location of the Barringer Crater, coming from the Gulf of Mexico.


By using such massive stones in England, the builders were connecting to both the power of the American crater at Barringer and the immensity of the cataclysm of the Younger Dryas Meteor event itself both in America and in Europe.  They worked to ensure that all would have note of what had happened.  Spiritualists speak of manifesting.  Of creating from thought and action.  Imagine what a whole community was working at when it created Stonehenge.  And Giza?  Such power.  But, it has taken 5000 years for anyone to see this link between the crater and these monuments presented.  There is a great deal of energy going on today, internationally about the Younger Dryas.  This in itself speaks to the amazing horror that the Younger Dryas Impact must have been.  To my soul, they wished for future generations to find a way to stop another impact from ever happening again.  To my mind, this knowledge will stop war.  We were so traumatically devastated at the Impact, that we lost our way to live peace.  All our present day travails rose from this.  Strife, survival, competition & then war.

If we set up a system to defend the planet from meteor strike, we can heal ourselves and relive our ancient peace.  We can make every dream come true.  It will allow work by the peacemakers to hold.  It is binding our souls to our earthly realm in the beautiful.  Enduring.

This is what I feel Stonehenge, and all the other monuments to the Younger Dryas Event were created for.  To tell future generations that we need to work together, to protect the planet from just such another catastrophic meteor event.  To this end, I pray every nation will work together in close cooperation to ensure that every country and realm will have a hand in creating this defense shield.

This is one thought toward a shield that will not allow the arming of space.  If we create satellites and earth based towers that make use of the magnetosphere of the Earth, She will assist us in making an energy field that can be used to repel various meteors and asteroids.  We make satellites that can detect the mineral makeup of the meteor, and then send to the other satellites which frequency of repelling magnetics to use on that object.  Or these satellites could be created to pull down meteors and asteroids, and send them to the Sahara, where the sands and lack of populations would allow these meteors to be harvested for the metals and other unique properties.


In this way, we move away from projectiles and from violent sources. We can disengage ourselves from nations or pirates overtaking the defense system and turning it on ourselves.


These same towers and satellites will also strengthen the magnetosphere itself and will keep us safer as the Earth deals with solar flares and solar winds.  The towers could be bronze and put to the South Pacific where there is a very small presence of copper naturally.  And the satellites could have panels of gold plated copper in order for their sensitivity to be greatly expanded.  Yet, we must be careful of copper.  NASA is looking:


Look to the Great Lakes. This is one source for the Earth’s connection to the magnetosphere.  She sends her electrical charges from there. We do need to move away from electric vehicles that use copper, from alternative energy motors which use copper, for we need all we have for the magnetosphere.  As I understand, we are due to run out of this precious resource by 2050.  Hopefully I am wrong.   Here is another paper on this thought;



Once we relieve ourselves of the fear of another impact, we can continue to work together on global projects together.  We can remove unhealthy dams to rivers and use the stone for seawalls in places like London and Venice.  We can use detritus from mines for the same.  We can work to replant all forests, cleanse bombs from war torn areas, transform transportation, adopt novel energy systems, continue efforts on social justice, and rebuild cities and downtrodden areas.  We can see a renaissance in the arts.  And we can move into space with vehicles based on new systems of propulsion, based on astral technology.  We can begin to look into other galaxies.

Consider the very language of Competition and War.  We will say things like, they are fighting us.  We must defend and take measures to obtain victory.  Kill is easily used.  Injury easily used. Death easily used.  We surround ourselves in a language which is wholly destructive to our very ability to live.  We live within the availability to die.

If we win, we will have our honors.  If we obtain our goals, we will keep what was desired.  Seemingly inoffensive.   Yet, by using the same language, there can be no peace, for in peace there are no enemies.

By just letting go of the language of War and Competition, and using a peaceful language where Work, not Victory is the path, we will transform society – Defense of the Planet from Meteor Strike.  As it is now, we are not wholly behind meteor defense, because we are still worried about winning and losing.  The nations and royal houses have so many oars in the water, that if they pull from one or a number of ships to work on meteor defense, they are worried about losing ground to their enemy or competitors in those places.

So, very little happens.  Only some calls for action.  If we allow ourselves to quit on Victory, we would very easily see we desperately need meteor defense for the psyche of the planet and we would immediately, without reserve, move resources and personnel in those directions.

It’s this very powerful harmful force in our lives should be seen as the strength we need to call ourselves family again.  We survived.  Let us live once again, together.   If we work together, we could have systems in the air in 4 years, maybe less if we are true to it.  In eight, we could be solidly in space.  Let us make a place for those ancient families to meet again.

Let’s take a look at another reality that is not widely known, Graham Hancock talks of the Hopi Tribe in the American Southwest telling that in ancient times, not only was there a meteoric strike, but there was a solar burst that wiped out much of our planet.

If we can bring ourselves to the truth of our lives on the planet, and accept that there are astral communities, then we can work to see both threats are addressed.

The astral community might also be brought in to assist.  We easily could work into their systems making use of our own technologies to make a complimentary network.  Done so to allow us a hand in providing our own human families need for security.

The Hopi Prophecies tell that we have one more destruction by fire coming to us.  I say we can step out of this.  This to me sounds like a great solar flare powering over the Earth in the future.  If we can create a meteor defense shield that uses towers and satellites, that also strengthens the penumbra, we might just survive the coming flare.  Just as the flare ignites and is headed to Earth, we’ve already set up satellite systems around the Sun just for this reality.  We’ve also already created space vessels and we enact an immediate flight by all the peoples of Earth to escape this coming conflagration.

With great respect to the prophets for their vision, we can enact measures to stop the very reality that they gave in warning to us.  Just as our ancient ancestors gave us the measure of Barringer Crater in the structure of Stonehenge and Giza as message about the Younger Dryas Event, we can use what the Hopi give to change our future.  We have the opportunity not just to produce a protective shield for the planet, but to relieve ourselves of the fear that still has a grip on us.  By moving forward with this work, we can set our visions to recreating the Garden of Eden.


And now in a in a cautionary turn, let’s look at the Oort Cloud.  When one sees the immensity of this icy cloud, quickly thoughts arise that we have no true image of the Milky Way Galaxy at night.  Only perhaps the magnified image of Her coming through the trillions of icy meteors and asteroids of the Cloud.

In looking closer, the beauty of the Oort Cloud is held in its truth as a sacred and compassionate environment for our Solar System.  The Ovum.

This beautiful shell allows the solar system to travel through space and stay safe from the many natures inherent in the complexities that create our universe.  Its protective layers shield us from ambient background radiation.

When our peace has returned, the very nature of the Ovum will change back to a place of strength.

We must hold to this for we have arrived at the Age of Aquarius, and the Age of Peace.  We have had so many thousands of years to dream of this very time.  We are completely ready to handle this task.  Once we are done, all dreams of peace will have come true and the Garden will be complete.

And this is how I personally arrived to this place of spirit.  In 2006, I read where if one were to choose not to win or lose, then one would experience the entire boundless bounty of the Universe.  All would be open and available.  By not winning, one is not restricted to the very few options available to produce the required outcome.  And by not worrying about losing, one is free to experiment and to grow.  At this time, the spirit of my sisters interjected.  Choose not to fight.  And, choose peace.  I was also living with the axiom of, Do no harm to yourself or others.  When all of this was put together, a miracle occurred.

Today, I can say I see global peace can happen if our global heads of state, our royal houses, and our spiritual elders were to converse with one another about this reality made by the Younger Dryas Event.  Once they see and can guide their nations and realms in teachings, they can make a global announcement, filled with presidential orders and royal edicts very similar to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s public works programs, and President John F. Kennedy’s Moon Shot.  We can have global peace in less than a decade.

Once we have the shield in place, our fear is gone.  And once that is gone, we begin to fall, in a good way, back in time.  Past the Younger Dryas Impact, past the Barringer Impact to the peace we had at the time of the Garden of Eden.  We do not have the Garden, but that is the work we all want to do.  I’d love to get back into shape carrying stone, putting in sea walls, reforesting, making over ecosystems.  Our bodies desire healthy work and by banding together to rebuild the Garden of Eden, we enlist those inner dreams toward our physical reality and we begin living again.

We end our fear, and we end the fight based on it.  We see we can live and we become healthy again.  Family, friends, and just plain folks who will remember more about the future, than about the harms of our past.  One day, there will be no militaries.  On another day, there will be no police.

Imagine building a sea wall at the Strait of Gibraltar.  Then, in a very slow manner, not the consumeristic consumptive manner of today, craftspeople, workers and artisans work together to create a whole store of items for a season.  Once these are created, great ships, highly ornate and beautifully built, leave harbors across the Mediterranean Sea and begin journeys across the Earth.  This gift of trade can continue across the planet.

And once all this truth of peace is sound and solid, we can begin looking to the planets that the space agencies have been finding, and we can find one with inhabitants who are having it rough, like we just did.  And we can go to their planet and do as the astrals and ET’s have done for us over the last 12.5 thousand years.  We can work to guide their planet back to peace and then instill in them, that they can do the same.

It will be a wondrous way for our planet to reenter space.

The miracle is happening.


The key’s in the lock and the tumblers are turning.  There are cogs in Jalisco, and gears in Germany.  There are more in Ohio, and others in Turkey.  There is truly much to be done.  We are the Earth, we are Her children.  This is more than our home, we are here with our Mother, and Her Family, the other Planets and Sun.  It is our responsibility to create this shield.  The Earth gave birth to us of it.

In thanks, I include this poem.  It is written by my Chicana aunt, Maria Martinez and I feel it holds resonance with this place of being; our walk to begin.



A Dream, A Promise

A dream…a promise…that’s how I see you…a dream of fantasy…a promise of reality…the dreams are so…to go together in the clouds to touch the stars and the moonlight…to feel moon beam and the twilight of the stars…a promise of reality to share, to love, to see, to touch, to need and fulfill the need of the heart…to be together as one…without words and know the feeling one has for the other.

Maria Martinez

1-18-74 a.m.

Let us begin.

John Patrick Hill

June, 2017

John Patrick Hill

Independent Researcher


Glossary of Terms


Bergelmir – he and his wife were the only survivors of a great flood which occurred when Ymir was killed by Odin and his brothers.


Blue Stone Quarry – hillocks of stone used in the building of Stonehenge.


Cliff Palace – ancestral Puebloan architecture style, built of stone and set in cliff walls and niches.

Geomancy – the art of placing or arranging buildings or other sites auspiciously.  Divination from configurations seen in a handful of earth thrown on the ground, or by interpreting lines or textures on the ground.

Lundy Island – small island off the western coast of England.

Younger Dryas Impact – name of impact of meteors over North America and Europe which wiped out both with high temperatures and ice cap flood.  Taken from Younger Dryas ice age which followed meteor strike.


5/12/13 Triangle – right triangle used in architecture and mapping.  Very important to geomancy for its connective mathematical pathways to other forms and shapes.

All Google Earth Images Copyrights to Google  All rights to videos and references to other works belong to the individual artist and researchers.


Additional papers which may already be in the article:

A paper on magnetics and the penumbra that will serve to create a meteor shield.


A paper on the Great Lakes, the Hudson Bay, and Copper sources.

my original findings that led to this Barringer Crater paper.

John Patrick Hill