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  • Joining The Dots

    Joining The Dots

    I have now published my new book, Joining The Dots, which offers a fresh look at the Atlantis mystery. I have addressed the critical questions of when, where and who, using Plato’s own words, tempered with some critical thinking and a modicum of common sense.Read More »

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Martin Laungaard

Atze’s Temple

Atze’s Temple is the focal point of a proposed submarine search for Atlantis near the Mid Atlantic Ridge in the Atlantic. The principal drivers behind this project are three Danes, Martin Laungaard, Carsten Skaarup and Jasper Nissen(a). Their inspiration appears to have come from the writings and philosophy of Danish architect Knud Brønnum (1878-1953)(b) as expressed in Wandering Towards the Light (Vandrer mod Lyset or VmL). His ‘revelations’ included an Atlantic location for Atlantis, whose crowning feature was Atze’s Temple, built over a period 60 years, 600 years before the destruction of Atlantis!(c)

>A translation of some of Knud Brønnum’s text as well as a plan of the temple is now available online(d)(e).<

The current promoters of this daft idea, apparently respectable educated people, are now seeking investors, having already put $300,000 of their own money into the project! Caveat Emptor.


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