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ATLANTIPEDIA is aimed at providing the most comprehensive source of information regarding the development of Atlantis theories, particularly since Ignatius Donnelly produced his seminal work on the subject towards the end of the nineteenth century.

The content is intended to assist researchers, journalists and anyone with an enquiring mind. Unlike many other sites on the Internet, ATLANTIPEDIA will not be providing open forums, which I have seen so often devolve into time-wasting squabbles between ego-trippers. However, we are open to all ideas and data that might improve the quality of the information on offer and invite emails from readers.

My intention is that Atlantipedia be primarily concerned with the scientific search for Plato’s Atlantis. Speculative theories or alleged psychic revelations without any supporting evidence are as worthless here as they would be in a court of law. Atlantipedia encompasses a wide range of theories and their proponents to include, if I may badly paraphrase, the good, the mad and the unbelievable.

I also reserve the right to editorialise from time to time

New entries will have the title suffixed  (N)

Currently entries that have been amended have the *[changes]* between red asterisks and square brackets.

In future, *amendments* will be just between red asterisks, which are less intrusive.  insignificant changes will not be marked.