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Atlantis: Atlantology – Basic Problems (L)

Atlantis: Atlantology – Basic Problems [458] by N. Zhirov is a detailed look at the evidence for an Atlantic location for Atlantis. The author is regarded as one of the leading Russian Atlantologist of the 20th century. Understandably, he refers to a large number of other Russian investigators who are generally unknown in the English reading world because of both political and language barriers.

One criticism of Zhirov’s work is that he appears to be over dismissive of any attempt to seriously consider any location for Atlantis other than the Atlantic. The book itself is a well referenced offering of over 400 hundred pages, but unfortunately lacks an index.

The author was a chemist by profession and adopts an academic approach to his investigation of the Atlantis mystery employing geology, climatology and oceanography to uncover the truth behind Plato’s story. The original Russian text was written nearly half a century ago and consequently some of the sources are slightly dated.

This is a thoughtful approach to Atlantology and should be on the bookshelf of anyone interested in the subject.