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  • NEWS September 2023

    NEWS September 2023

    September 2023. Hi Atlantipedes, At present I am in Sardinia for a short visit. Later we move to Sicily and Malta. The trip is purely vacational. Unfortunately, I am writing this in a dreadful apartment, sitting on a bed, with access to just one useable socket and a small Notebook. Consequently, I possibly will not […]Read More »
  • Joining The Dots

    Joining The Dots

    I have now published my new book, Joining The Dots, which offers a fresh look at the Atlantis mystery. I have addressed the critical questions of when, where and who, using Plato’s own words, tempered with some critical thinking and a modicum of common sense.Read More »

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Books marked > indicate that a copy is held in the Atlantipedia library.

Additions and modifications will have a > prefix.

Laurence Austine Waddell
[814]P>Makers of Civilisation in Race and History (Luzac, 1929 & reprinted by Kessinger, 2004)
[815] British Edda (1930 & reprinted by Kessinger, 2003)
[1943] The Phoenician Origin of the Britons, Scots & Anglo-Saxons (Williams & Norgate, London, 1924)

Gregory L. Walker
[1067] Shades of Memnon Book 3: African Atlantis Unbound (Seker Nefer Press, 2005)

Reginald A. Walker
[1388] The Land of Eden (Voxov, Rhyl, Clwyd, 1987)
[1389] The Land of Cush (Voxov, Rhyl, Clwyd, 1988)

Thomas Walli & Gerhard Pirchl
[1831]P> Das Raetiastein GPS (Books on Demand, Norderstedt, 2008) (Ger + Eng)

Ralph Franklin Walworth
[1145]P>Subdue the Earth (Granada, London, 1980)

Francis J. Ward & Francis P. Ward
[1156] The Truth Against the World–Red Phoenix Rising & the Return of the Thunder Gods (No publishing details available, 2010?)

Peter Warlow
[135]H>The Reversing Earth (Dent, London, 1982)

W. F. Warren
[078] Paradise Found the Cradle of the Human Race at the North Pole (Boston, 1885).
^Available online:

William W.Warren
[950] History of the Ojibway People (Minnesota Hist.Soc., St.Pauls. MN, 1885)
^Read online:

Fred Warshofsky
[1146]P>Doomsday: The Science of Catastrophe (Sphere Books, London 1979)

Robin Waterfield (translator)
[924]P>Timaeus & Critias (Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2008)

Alfred Watkins
[1862]P>The Old Straight Track (Abacus, London, 1974)

Robert Wauchope
[836]H> Lost Tribes & Sunken Continents (University of Chicago Press, 1962)

Eddie Weaver
[1724]E>The Antediluvian Signature: Atlantis (Kindle, 2019)

Stuart Webb
[1153] Atlantis and Other Lost Worlds (Rosen Publishing, New York, 2012)

Gene Weed
[481] Unravelling the Miami Circle Mystery (Lulu)

Jay Weidner &Vincent Bridges
[608] The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye (Inner Traditions, 2003)

Mark Weiman
[609] Atlantis: Myth or Memory? (Regent Press, Oakland, 1996),

Marcelle Weissen-Szumlanska
[837] Origines atlantiques des anciens Égyptiens (Omnium littéaire, Paris, 1965)

Richard W. Welch
[630]P>Roots of Cataclysm: Geopulsation and the Atlantis Supervolcano
(Algora Publishing, New York, 2009)

James Wellard
[790]P> The Search for Lost Worlds (Pan Books, London, 1975)

Edward Wells
[1259] A Treatise of Antient and Present Geography (Oxford, 1701)
^Available online:  (2nd edition, London, 1706)

J. Warren Wells
[702] >A Concordance of Plato’s Atlantis (Download 2007)
[783]P>The Book on Atlantis (CreateSpace, 2011)
[787] Atlantis in Context (CreateSpace, 2011)

Sean Welsh
[1874]E>Apocalypse: How Noah’s Flood Destroyed Atlantis (White Falcon Publishing, 2020)

Friedrich Wencker-Wildberg
[582] Atlantis: Der Roman einer untergegangenen Welt (Borngräber, Leipzig, 1924)

John Anthony West
[452]H>The Serpent in the Sky (Harper, New York, 1979)
[453] Traveller’s Key to Ancient Egypt (Quest Books, Illinois, 1995)

Gordon E. Weston
[754]P> The Maltese Cart-Ruts: Unravelling an Enigma (Valetta, 2010)
[1619] Clapham Junction: 3000 Years of Maltese Heritage (G.E.W.2015)

Jennifer Westwood
[583]P> Lost Atlantis (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London, 1997)

Margaret Wheeler
[1816]P> Walls of Jericho (Arrow Books, London, 1959)

Mrs E. M. Whishaw
[053]P> Atlantis in Andalusia: A Study of the Ancient Sun Kingdoms of Spain (Rider & Co. London, 1928). [Recently reprinted as Atlantis in Spain by Adventures Unlimited Press (USA)].

William Whiston
[1162]>A New Theory of the Earth (R. Roberts, London, 1696)
Available online:

John White
[0795]H>Pole Shift (W.H. Allen, London, 1980)

John Whitehurst
[722] Inquiry into the Original State and Formation of the Earth: Deduced from Facts and the Lws of Nature (W. Bent, London, 1778) (Reprinted: Arno Press, 1978)
^Read 1786 edition online:

Chandra Wickramasinghe & Robert Bauval
[1708] Cosmic Womb: The Seeding of Planet Earth (Bear & Co,. 2017)

Hermann Wieland
[816] Atlantis, Edda und Bibel (Grossdeutscher Verlag, Weissenburg, 1925)
[1944] Atlantis, Edda and Bible (Hermitage Helm Corpus, Australia, 2016)

Merry E. Wiesner-Hanks
[1773] An Age of Voyages (Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2005)

Colonel Francis Wilford
[114] Asiatic Researches (Calcutta, 1808)
^Available online:

Katharine E. Wilkie
[1488] Atlantis (Julian Messner, New York, 1979)
^Available online:

Iman J Wilkens
[610]H>Where Troy Once Stood (Rider, London, 1990)

Harold Tom Wilkins
[361] Flying Saucers on the Attack (Citadel Press, New York, 1954)
[362] Flying Saucers Uncensored (Pyramid Books, New York, 1967)
[363]P> Mysteries of Ancient South America (Rider & Co., London, 1946)    
^available online:
[364] Secret Cities of Old South America: Atlantis unveiled (Library Publishers, New York, 1952)
[365] Strange Mysteries of Time and Space (Citadel Press, 1958)
[366] Mysterious Disappearances of Men and Women in the U.S.A., Britain, and, Europe (Haldeman-Julius Publications, 1948)
[367] Mysteries: solved and unsolved (Odhams Press, London, 1958)

Paul Williamson & Linda Braithwaite
[900] Atlantis: The Dark Continent (Capall Bann Publishing, Milverton, 2000)

Colin Wilson
[335]P> From Atlantis to the Sphinx (Virgin, London, 1996)
[336]P> Atlantis and the Kingdom of the Neanderthals (Bear & Co, Rochester, Vermont, 2006)
[2031]P>The Occult (Mayflower Books, St. Albans, 1976)
[2032]P>Beyond the Occult (Corgi, 1998)
[2033]P>The Origins of the Sexual Impulse (Panther Books, St.Albans, 1978)

Sir Daniel Wilson
[584] The Lost Atlantis and Other Ethnographic Studies (David Douglas, Edinburgh, 1892)
^Available online:

Don Wilson
[1704]P>Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon (Sphere Books, London, 1976)

Ian Wilson
[185]H>Before the Flood (Orion Books, London, 2001)
[979]H>The Exodus Enigma (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London, 1985)
[1783]H>The Turin Shroud (BCA, London, 1978)
[1784]H>The Bleeding Mind (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London, 1988)

Thomas Wilson
[1466] The Swastika (Smithsonian Institution, 1894)
^Available online:

Alexander Winchell
[1175] Preadamites (S.C. Griggs, Chicago, 1888)
^ available online:

David Winder
[1936] Mysterien der Bronzezeit (Self-published, Daisendorf, 2020)

Richard Wingate
[059]H>The Lost Outpost of Atlantis, (Everest House, 1980)
[771]> Atlantis in the Amazon (Inner Traditions, 2011)

Justin Winsor
[1673] Narrative and Critical History of America (Houghton, Mifflin & Co., New York, 1889) 8 vols.
^ available online:  (Vol.1)

Dr. Clyde A. Winters
[496]> Atlantis in Mexico (LuLu, 2005)
[1046] Atlantis in Mexico (revised) (Uthman dan Fodio Institute, Nigeria, 2013)

Kai Helge Wirth
[627] Der Ursprung der Sternzeichen [The Origin of the Zodiac] (Books on Demand, 2000)

J. Michael Witzel
[1431]P>The Origins of the World’s Mythologies (Oxford University Press, New York, 2012)

Armin Wolf
[669] Homers Reise: Auf den Spuren des Odysseus (Homer’s Travel, in the footsteps of Ulysses)(Böhlau, 2009)

Armin & Hans-Helmut Wolf
[1136] Der Weg des Odysseus : Tunis, Malta, Italien in d. Augen Homers (The path of Odysseus: Tunis, Malta, Italy in Homer’s eye)(Wasmuth, Tubingen, 1968)

Dale W.Wong
[2065] The Ancient 360 Day Year (Advantage Media, 2006)

David Wood
[585]H>Genisis: The First Book of Revelations (The Baton Press, Tunbridge Wells, 1985)
With Ian Campbell
[1608] Geneset (Bellevue Books, 1994)

John Edwin Wood
[1951]H> Sun, Moon and Standing Stones (Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1978)

Kenneth & Florence Wood
[391] Homer’s Secret Iliad (John Murray, London, 1999)

Michael Wood
[1141]H>In Search of the Trojan War (BBC, London, 1985)

[2030]P>In Search of the Dark Ages (BBC, London, 1987)

W.G. Wood-Martin
[388]H> Traces of the Elder Faiths of Ireland 2 Vols. (1902)
^Available online:

Anthony Woods
[1775] Atlants Ireland (Keystone University, Dublin, 2020)

Mark Woolmer
[1053]P>Ancient Phoenicia: An Introduction (Bristol Classical Press, London, 2011)

Hans Georg Wunderlich

[0826]P>The Secret of Crete (Fontana, London, 1976)

James Wyckoff
[617] The Lost Continent of Atlantis (Putnam, New York, 1968)

H. Mike Xu
[698] Origin of the Olmec Civilisation (University of Central Oklahoma Press, 1996)

Joseph Yahuda
[1705] Hebrew is Greek (Becket Publications, Oxford, 1982)

Ramiro Gonzales Yaksic
[1055] El Jardín de los Andes (2010)

Jay/Brad Yoon
[1371] Atlantis Shrugged (Kindle, 2012)

Phyllis Young Forsyth
[266]H> Atlantis: The Making of Myth (London, Croom-Helm, 1980)
[267] Thera in the Bronze Age (Peter Lang, 1997)

Paulino Zamarro
[024] Del Estrecho de Gibraltar a la Atlantida (From the Strait of Gibraltar to Atlantis) (Egatorre Books, Madrid, 2000).

Themistocles Zammit
[1711]P> The Prehistoric Temples of Malta & Gozo (S. Masterson, Malta, 2000)

Antonio Zamora
[1120] Meteorite Cluster Impacts (Kindle, 2012)
[1121]E>Solving the Mystery of the Carolina Bays (Kindle, 2015)

Eberhard Zangger
[483]P> The Flood From Heaven, (Sidgwick & Jackson, London, 1992)
^Available online:
[484]> The Future of the Past: Archaeology in the 21st Century (Weidenfeld, 2001)
[1217] The Luwian Civilization (Ege Yayinlari, Istanbul, 2016)
^Available online:

Ivar Zapp & George Erikson
[244]P> Atlantis in America (Adventures Unlimited Press, Kempton, 1998)

Augustin de Zarate
[1202] Historia del descubrimiento y conquista de las provincias del Peru (Alfonso Escriuano, Seville, 1577)
^Available online: reprinted in 2015 by EOD Network)

[2057]E>Atlantis, the Deluge & the End of the Ice Age (Metamystic, 2011)

Valerio Zecchini
[586] Atlantide e Mu (Demetra, 1998)
[587] Atlantide, il mistero dei continenti scomparsi (Giunti, Florence, 2006)

Hubert Zeitlmair
[465] Die Saulen von Atlantis: Malta-Handschrift einer vershwundenen Hochkultur

Jelle Zeilinga de Boer & Donald Theodore Sanders
[681]P>Volcanoes in Human History (Princeton University Press, 2002)
[984] Earthquakes in Human History (Princeton University Press, 2005)

Donald J. Zeyl
[756] Timaeus, (Hackett Publishing Co., Indianapolis, 2000)

Hong-Quan Zhang 
[1925] Revive Eden: Green Sahara Now (BookBaby, Pennsauken, NJ, 2019)

N. Zhirov
[458]P>Atlantis: Atlantology – Basic Problems (University Press of the Pacific, Honolulu, 2001)

David D. Zink
[178]H> The Stones of Atlantis
[588] The Ancient Stones Speak (Dutton, New York, 1979)

A. I. Zolotukhin
[1015] Homer. The Immanent Biography (Vozmozhnosty Kimmerii, Nikolaev, 2006)
^Available Online: