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Griffiths, John Gwyn (L)

John Gwyn Griffiths (1911-2004) was Professor Emeritus of Classics and Gwyn_J_Griffiths (2)Egyptology at the University of Wales, Swanseaand also a poet and political activist. A number of his essays have been collected and published in one volume, Atlantis and Egypt[346], in which the first essay discusses the probability of an Egyptian origin for Plato’s Atlantis tale.

Commenting on the date of the demise of Atlantis, Griffiths points out that the Egyptian hieroglyphics for 100 and 1000 are quite distinctive and assuming that the original story was inscribed in that format there was no good reason to alter Plato’s date from 9000 to 900 years before Solon’s visit to Egypt.