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  • NEWS September 2023

    NEWS September 2023

    September 2023. Hi Atlantipedes, At present I am in Sardinia for a short visit. Later we move to Sicily and Malta. The trip is purely vacational. Unfortunately, I am writing this in a dreadful apartment, sitting on a bed, with access to just one useable socket and a small Notebook. Consequently, I possibly will not […]Read More »
  • Joining The Dots

    Joining The Dots

    I have now published my new book, Joining The Dots, which offers a fresh look at the Atlantis mystery. I have addressed the critical questions of when, where and who, using Plato’s own words, tempered with some critical thinking and a modicum of common sense.Read More »

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Gerhard Gadow
[305] Der Atlantis-Streit (The Atlantic controversy) (Fischer, Frankfurt, 1973)

Paul Gaffarel
[1435] Rapports de l’Amérique et de l’Ancien Continent (Ernest Thorin, Paris, 1869)
^Available online:
[1436] Histoire de la découverte de l’Amérique (Arthur Rousseau, Paris, 1892)
^Available online:

Vincent Gaffney, Simon Fitch and David Smith
[662] Europe’s Lost World: The Rediscovery of Doggerland (Council for British Archaeology, York, 2009)

Angelos Galanopoulos & Edward Bacon
[263]H>Atlantis: The Truth behind the Legend  (Bobbs-Merrill, New Orleans, 1969)

Angelos Galanopoulos
[264] On the Location and Size of Atlantis (Prakita Akademia Athen 35, 1960, p 401-418)

René Gallant
[748]H>Bombarded Earth (John Baker, London, 1964)

Francis Galea
[308]P>Malta Fdal Atlantis (Malta the Remains of Atlantis) (Malta, 2002)

Nissim Raphael Ganor
[1057] Who Were the Phoenicians? (Kip Kotarim International Publishing, 2009)

Timothy Ganz
[376] Early Greek Myth (John Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, 1993)

Gregorio García
[1400] Origen de los indios del Nuevo mundo e Indias occidentals (Pedro Patricio Mey, Valencia, 1607)
^Available online: (Spanish)

Philip Gardiner
[1228] *The Shining Ones (William Ernst Publishing, Albany, N.Y. 2005)
*Not to be confused with books of the name as Christian O’Brien and Helene E. Hagan.

Laurence Gardner
[1785]P>Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark (Element, London, 2004)

Hieronomio Garimberto
[1648] Problemi naturali e morali, etc (Vincenzo Valgrisi, Venice, 1649)
^Aailable online:

Jean Gattefossé
[311] Atlantis and the Western Tritonis (Moroccan Society for Prehistory, 1932)
[312] Hyperborea and the Neolithic Migration (1940)

Jean Gattefossé & Jean Sauveclare (?)
[1804] Les Portes de bronze (Paul Derain, Lyon, 1939)

Jean Gattefossé & Claudius Roux
[313] Bibliographie de l’Atlantide et des questions connexes (Bosc & Riou, Lyon, 1926)

René-Maurice Gattefossé
[314] La Verité sur l’Atlantide (Legendre, Lyon, 1923)

David Gebhard
[596] Robert Stacy-Judd: Maya Architecture and the Creation of a New Style (Capra Press, Santa Barbara, 1993)

Ernst Gegenschatz
[674] Plato’s Atlantis (Ernst Lang, Zurich, 1943)

Wilhelm Geiger & Friedrich Windischmann
[597] Zarathustra in the Gathas and in the Greek and Roman Classics (Otto Harrassowitz, Leipzig, 1897)
^Available online:

Gernot L.Geise & Reinhard Prahl
[730] Auf der Suche nach der Mutterkultur (In Search of the Mother Culture) (Michaels, 2005)

Wolfgang Geisthövel
[1578]H> Homer’s Mediterranean (Haus Publishing, London, 2008)

Louis Emile Gentil
[642] Le Maroc physique.  (Felix Alcan, Paris,1912)
^Available online:
[643] Carte Géologique Provisoire du Maroc (Larose, Paris, 1920)

Alice Gerard
[334] Glozel: Bones of Contention (iUniverse, 2005)

Lucien Gerardin
[318] L’Atlantide et les Déluges (Atlantis and the Floods ) (Dervy, Paris, 1999)
[1349] Le mystère des nombres : arithmétique et géométrie sacrées (Editions Retz, Paris, 1975)

Louis Germain
[886] L’Atlantide (Paris, 1955)

Gérard Gertoux
[1890] Moses and the Exodus Chronological, Historical and Archaeological Evidence (Lulu, 2015)

Patrick Geryl
[066] The Orion Prophecy [with Gino Ratinckx](Adventures Unlimited, 2001)
[067] The World Cataclysm in 2012 (Adventures Unlimited, 2005)
[068] How to Survive 2012 (Adventures Unlimited, 2007)

Edward Gibbon
[1523] The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, 7 volumes (Cosimo Inc, New York, 2008)

David J. Gibson
[1507] Edom and the Hyksos (CanBooks, 2010)
^Available online: or See Archive 3468
[1508] The Land of Eden Located (1964)
^Available online :

Ernst Gideon
[1643] Troje lag in Engeland (Troy Lay in England)(Ankh-Hermes, Utrecht, 1991)
Originally published as Homerus Zanger der Kelten (Homer, Singer of the Celts) (Ankh-Hermes, 1973)

Ferdinand Gidon
[323] Les submersions atlantiques (irlando armoricaines) de l’age du bronze et la question de l’Atlantide (Memoires de l’Academie des Sciences, Arts et Belle Lettres de Caen, 8, 1934, 91-114)
[324] L’Atlantide (Mythologies et cultes) (Édition du Rocher: Monaco. 1993) [translated by Gidon]
[325] Les Livre des Atlantides (Paris: Payot, 1941)[translated by Gidon]
[see Bessmerty]
[284] L’Aethiopia Orientale ou Atlantide, Initiatrice des Peuples Anciens (Malfére, Paris, 1936)

Robert L. Gielow
[808]P>Noah’s Flood – Birth of the Ice Age (Axiom Press, Mobile.AL, 2009)

Adrian Gilbert
[326]H>with Robert Bauval The Orion Mystery (Wm. Heinemann, London, 1994)
[327]H>with Maurice Cottrell The Mayan Prophecies (Element Books, Rockport, MA, 1995)
[328] Signs in the Sky (Corgi Adult, 2001)
[2001]P>Magi (Bloomsbury, London, 1997)

Humphrey Gilbert
[1650] Discourse of a Discoverie for a new passage to Cataia (China) (Scolar Press, London, 1576)
^ Available online:;view=fulltext

Christopher Gill
[329] Plato: The Atlantis Story (Bristol Classical Press, Bristol, 1980),
[330] Genre of the Atlantis Story (Classical Philology 72 (1977) p.287 – 304)
[331] Plato’s Atlantis Story and the Birth of Fiction (Philosophy & Literature 3 (1979) p.64–78
[1453] Plato’s Atlantis Story: Text, Translation and Commentary (Liverpool University Press, 2017)

Gary Gilligan
[1365] Extraterrestrial Sands (Troubador Publishing, Leicester, 2016)
[1385]P>An Ancient World in Chaos (Matador, Leicester, 2007)
[1386]P>Comet Venus (Matador, Leicester, 2009)

Rex Gilroy
[598] Pyramids in the Pacific (URU Publications, New South Wales, 2000)

Marija Gimbutas (1921-1994)
[1819]H>The Gods and Godesses of Old Europe (Thames & Hudson, London,1974)

Charles Ginenthal
[514] The Extinction of the Mammoth (Forest Hills, New York, 1997)
[1485]P>Carl Sagan & Immanuel Velikovsky (New Falcon Pub., Tempe, Arizona, 1995)
[1897] Minds in Denial (Kindle, 2015)

Vincenzo Gioberti
[1322] Del primato morale e civile degli Italiani (S.Bonamici, Lausanne,1846)
^Available online: (Vol 1)

Charles Giuliani
[1969] An Alternative View of The Distant Past (Lulu, 2008)

William Ewart Gladstone
[1484] Studies on Homer and the Homeric Age (3vols, The University Press, Oxford, 1870)
^Available online Vol.I
Vol II

William Gleeson
[2002]P>Before the Delusion (The Temple Publications, Somerset, 2012)

Russell E. Gmirkin
[2066] Plato’s Timaeus and the Biblical Creation Accounts (Routledge, 2022)

D. A. Godron
[645] L’ Atlantide et le Sahara (Raybois Imprimeur de L’Academie de Stanislas, Nancy, 1868)
^Available online:

G.N. Godwin
[1592] A Guide to the Maltese Islands (Malta, 1880)
^Available online:

Joscelyn Godwin
[746]E>Atlantis and the Cycles of Time (Inner Traditions, 2010)
[789]P>Arktos (Adventures Unlimited, 1996)
[1130] Athanasius Kircher (Thames & Hudson, London, 1979)
^^ available as pdf files:
[1593] Athanasius Kircher’s Theatre Of The World (Thames & Hudson, London, 2009)

Sylvain Meinrad Xavier de Golbéry
[1297] Fragmens d’un voyage en Afrique (Treuttel et Würtz, Paris, 1802)
^Available online: (Vol I)
[1298] English translation by W. Mudford, titled Travels in Africa (Jones & Bumford, London 1808)
^Available online: (2nd edition. Vol I)

Jan Golinski
[1299] The Experimental Self: Humphrey Davy and the making of a Man of Science (University of Chicago Press, 2016)

Theodor Gomperz
[1428] Greek Thinkers (Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York, 1905) 3 Vols.
^Vol 3 Available online:

Francisco López de Gómara
[332] Hispania Victrix (Saragosso, 1551)
^Available online: 

Lucy Goodison & Christine Morris (Eds)
[1820]H> Ancient Goddesses (British Museum Press, 1999)

Jeffrey Goodman
[781]H>Psychic Archaeology (Wildwood, London, 1978)
[1687]E > The Comets of God (Archaeological Research Books, Tucson, 2011)

John S. Gordon
[338]P>Egypt-Child of Atlantis (Bear & Co., 2004)
[339]P>The Rise and Fall of Atlantis (Watkins Publishing, London, 2008)
[1110] Land of the Fallen Star Gods (Inner Traditions/Bear & Co., 2012)

Johannes Goropius Becanus
[1437] Opera Ioan. Goropii Becani (Christophorus Plantinus, Antwerp, 1580)
^Available online:

Rudolf John Gorsleben
[1692] Hoch-Zeit der Menschheit. (Koehler & Amelang, Leipzig, 1930)

Jacques Gossart
[340] Les Atlantes hier et aujourd’hui (Atlanteans Yesterday and Today) (Robert Laffont, 1998)
[341] La longue marche du svastika (The Long Journey of the Swastika) (Dervy, Paris, 2003)
[882] L’Atlantide: Dernières découvertes, nouvelles hypothèses (Atlantis :latest discoveries, new hypotheses) (Dervy, Paris, 2011)

Marco Goti
[1430]E> The Island of Plato (Kindle, 2017)

David Grann
[772]P> The Lost City of Z (Doubleday, 2009)

Michael Grant
[661]P>The Ancient Mediterranean (Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York, 1969)

Robert Graves
[342]P>Greek Myths (Vols I, Penguin Books, 1955)
[2003]P>The White Goddess (Faber & Faber, London,1977)

Mott T. Greene
[575]P> Natural Knowledge in Preclassical Antiquity (Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, 1992)

John Michael Greer
[345]H> Atlantis (Llewellyn Publications, Minnesota, 2007)

David P. Gregg
[977]P>The Stonehenge Codes (Green Man Books, Wirral, UK, 2014)
Available online:  (offline Nov. 2016)

D. Gregoriades
[1416] The Creation of Prototypes (Springer, 2010)

Andrew Greig
[1165]E>Mysteries of the Ancient World: The Secrets of Atlantis (Kindle, 2015)

Marcel Griaule & Germaine Dieterlen:
[1698] The Pale Fox, originally published as Le Renard Pâle, (Institut d’Ethnologie, Paris, 1965)

John Gribbin with Stephen Plagemann
[1029]H>Beyond the Jupiter Effect (Macdonald, London, 1983)

Roderick Grierson & Stuart Munro-Hay
[1786]P>The Ark of the Covenant (Phoenix, London, 2000)

John Gwyn Griffiths
[346] Atlantis and Egypt (University of Wales Press, 1991)

Guerrilla Cartography
[1554]P> Water: An Atlas (Guerrilla Cartography, Oaklands CA, 2017)

René Guénon
[2064] Atlantide et Hyperborée (BLURB Inc., 2021)

Edwin Guest
[1069] Origines Celticae (Macmillan & Co., London, 1883)
Available online: Vol.I Vol II

Xavier Guichard
[1699] Eleusis Alesia (F. Palliart, Abbeville, 1936)
^The originl Frenh text can be read online: Eleusis Alesia: Xavier Guichard (

Maurice-Erwin Guignard
[1109] Comment j’ai déchiffré la langue étrusque (Published by author, 1962)

W.K.C. Guthrie
[946] A History of Greek Philosophy (Cambridge University Press, 1978)