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Sora, Steven

Steven Sora has been investigating and writing about historical mysteries for over a quarter of a century. His latest offering[395] addresses the geographical problems presented by Homer’s Odyssey and Iliad and links his conclusions to Plato’s tale of Atlantis. He contends, as many others do, that the ‘years’ referred to in Solon’s report were in fact lunar months, which would place the destruction of Atlantis around 1200 BC, coinciding with the time of the Trojan War.  He further asserts that the Atlantean war recorded by Plato is a Soradistortion of the Trojan War, but he contentiously claims that Troy was located on the Iberian Peninsula rather than the more generally accepted Turkey. This is a daring effort aimed at solving two persistent mysteries with one radical theory.

There is one interesting comment by Sora (p.6) which may have a bearing on the location of the Pillars of Heracles, where he claims that at the time when Homer wrote, around 755 BC, the Greeks had barely ventured as far as Italy. This would appear to suggest that at that time it is improbable that the ‘Pillars’ were identified by the Greeks with Gibraltar, but more likely to have been somewhere in the Central Mediterranean. Nevertheless Sora opts for the Gibraltar location!

Some more of his views can be read online in an Atlantis Rising article(a) .