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    NEWS September 2023

    September 2023. Hi Atlantipedes, At present I am in Sardinia for a short visit. Later we move to Sicily and Malta. The trip is purely vacational. Unfortunately, I am writing this in a dreadful apartment, sitting on a bed, with access to just one useable socket and a small Notebook. Consequently, I possibly will not […]Read More »
  • Joining The Dots

    Joining The Dots

    I have now published my new book, Joining The Dots, which offers a fresh look at the Atlantis mystery. I have addressed the critical questions of when, where and who, using Plato’s own words, tempered with some critical thinking and a modicum of common sense.Read More »

Recent Updates is the name (meaning Atlantis Research) of an important German website(a) launched on October 1st, 2010. Extensive preparation by Roland Horn and Bernhard Beier has produced a very valuable portal with a range of comprehensive articles relating to ancient history, with an emphasis on the Atlantis mystery.

However, the genesis of the site goes back to as early as 2001 when Beier and Horn decided to establish an all-embracing database relating to Atlantis and ancient civilisations generally. The initial version was online from 2002 until 2004 when the compilers decided to close it down, improve the software and expand the content. This took place over the ensuing six years until the current site was activated in 2010, with its well-deserved outstanding success.

>In a FAQ session, the following revelation emerged

“Does have an ‘editorial position’ on the geographic localization of Atlantis?

“Jain”. Basically, we don’t see it as necessary or useful to have a unified editorial position on the localization issue, but of course, we as individuals have our respective opinions. As for these, the current team members agree that “Atlantis” should be viewed as a prehistoric pan-Atlantic cultural complex which – at least temporarily or in phases – radiated out to both the Afro-European West and the American continents and affected cultural diffusion.

With regard to the exact geographic location of the metropolis of the putative Atlantean kingdom described by Plato, we as ‘Atlanticians’ assume that both locations IN the Atlantic (e.g. in the mid-Atlantic, in the Caribbean or in the area of ??today’s Bahamas) and AM Atlantic (e.g. in Iberia, Northwest Africa, but also Mexico) come into question.” [My only comment is, that if too many people sit on the fence, it will break]<

For those, like myself, who only read English, just using your browser’s translator, will reveal a vast store of information and references.

I had to announce the unexpected passing of Bernhard on January 29th, 2021 His contribution to atlantology was inestimable and he leaves a most valuable legacy for generations to come. His colleague and friend Roland Horn will, at least temporarily, take over the maintenance of the site.

In March, 2021 it was announced that new editors were being sought for Atlantisforschung. Applicants will require a command of German and be sympathetic to the objectives of the website. Those interested should contact Roland –über_uns