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  • NEWS September 2023

    NEWS September 2023

    September 2023. Hi Atlantipedes, At present I am in Sardinia for a short visit. Later we move to Sicily and Malta. The trip is purely vacational. Unfortunately, I am writing this in a dreadful apartment, sitting on a bed, with access to just one useable socket and a small Notebook. Consequently, I possibly will not […]Read More »
  • Joining The Dots

    Joining The Dots

    I have now published my new book, Joining The Dots, which offers a fresh look at the Atlantis mystery. I have addressed the critical questions of when, where and who, using Plato’s own words, tempered with some critical thinking and a modicum of common sense.Read More »

The Shadow of Atlantis

The Shadow of Atlantis (m)

The Shadow of Atlantis [156] , by Col. Alexander Braghine, was in its day well received but now would be considered fairly standard fare. Braghine promotes the idea of Atlantis being situated in the Atlantic and like Donnelly draws on the apparent cultural connections between the Americas and the Old World to support this belief.

*[Sprague deCamp, an Atlantis sceptic, lists[0194] a series of errors in Braghine’s book, finishing with the ominous remark that ‘you believe Colonel Braghine at your peril.’ Another critical review written in 1940 can be read online(b). You can contrast this with the reviews on

Totally unrelated is a children’s book of the same name by Wendy Leighton-Porter.