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  • NEWS September 2023

    NEWS September 2023

    September 2023. Hi Atlantipedes, At present I am in Sardinia for a short visit. Later we move to Sicily and Malta. The trip is purely vacational. Unfortunately, I am writing this in a dreadful apartment, sitting on a bed, with access to just one useable socket and a small Notebook. Consequently, I possibly will not […]Read More »
  • Joining The Dots

    Joining The Dots

    I have now published my new book, Joining The Dots, which offers a fresh look at the Atlantis mystery. I have addressed the critical questions of when, where and who, using Plato’s own words, tempered with some critical thinking and a modicum of common sense.Read More »

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Books marked > indicate that a copy is held in the Atlantipedia library.

Alberto Enrico d’Albertis
[737] Crociera del Corsaro alle isole Madeira e Canarie (R. Istituto Sordomuti, Genova, 1884)(Paravia,Torino,1912)
^Available online:

Andrew Dalby
[591]H> Rediscovering Homer (W. W. Norton, New York, 2006)

Raffaele D’Amato & Andrea Salimbeti
[1152]P>Sea Peoples of the Bronze Age Mediterranean c.1400 BC -1000 BC (Osprey, Oxford, 2015)

Gennaro D’Amato
[042] Il processo all’Atlantide di Platone (Alpes, Milan, 1930).
[043] I documenti archeologici dell’Atlantide e le loro ripercussioni nel campo del sapere (Treves, 1924)
[044] Platone e l’Atlantide (Melita, 1987)

Jeffrey Allan Danelek
[271]P> Reconsidering Atlantis: A New Look at a Prehistoric Civilisation (Galde Press, 2003) revised and republished as Atlantis: Lessons from the Lost Continent (Llewellyn Publications, Minnesota, 2006)
[333] Mystery of Reincarnation (Llewellyn Publications, 2005)

Erika Daniels-Qasim.
[1580] Atlantis im Großen Fünfstromland. Platons Timaios und Kritias führen über Saïs zur Induskultur (Atlantis in the Big Five Country. Platons Timaios und Kritias führen über Sais zur Induskultur. Plato’s Timaios and Kritias lead to Indus culture via Sais) (Dr. Rudolf Habelt GmbH, Bonn, 2017)

Erich von Däniken
[272]P> The Gold of the Gods (Corgi Books, London, 1974)
[273]H> Odyssey of the Gods (Element Books, Dorchester, 2000)
[0850] Twilight of the Gods (New Page Books, 2010)
^Available online:
[1147]H>The Stones of Kiribati (Souvenir Press, London, 1982)
[1333]P> Chariots of the Gods (Corgi Books, London, 1972)
^Available online:
[1422] Astronaut Gods of the Maya (Bear & Co., 2017)
[1990]P>In Search of Ancient Gods (Corgi, London, 1976)
[1991]P>Return to the Stars (Corgi, London, 1972)
[1992]P>The Gods and their Grand Design (Corgi, London, 1986)
[1993]P>Miracles of the Gods? (Corgi, London, 1977)
[1994]H>Signs of the Gods (Souvenir Press, London, 1980)
[1995]H>The Return of the Gods (Element Books, Shaftsbury, 1997)
[1996]H>According th the Evidence (Souvenir Press, London, 1977)

Steven L. Danver (editor)
[1269] Popular Controversies in World History (ABC-CLIO, Santa Barbara, CA, 2011)

Henri D’Arbois de Jubainville
[1626] Les Premiers Habitants de l’Europe (Thorin & Sons, Paris, 1894)

Mike Darton & John O. E. Clark
[854]H>The Dent Dictionary of Measurement (J.M. Dent, London, 1994)

Alfonso d’Ascanio
[1734] El naufrago del Julán (Editions Cardeñoso, Vigo 1997)

Peter Daughtrey
[893]D>Atlantis and the Silver City (Pegasus, London, 2013)
[1957] Atlantis and the Silver City 2nd Edition (Lume Books, London, 2021)

Yair Davidy
[1375] Lost Israelite Identity (Russell Davis, Israel, 1996)

Edward Davies
[1288] The Mythology and Rites of the British Druids (J. Booth, London, 1809)
^Available online:

Nigel Davies
[1635]H>Voyagers to the New World (Macmillan, London, 1979)

Asahel Davis
[1276] Antiquities of America (Samuel Coleman, New York, 1839)
^Available online:;view=1up;seq=9 (4th edition);view=1up;seq=5 (12th edition 1844)

Jeannine Davis-Kimball
[045] Warrior Women (Warner Books, 2002)

Carole Davis-Wilson
[1966] The Skull Speaks (Amhrea Publishing, 1985)

L. Sprague de Camp
[194]P> Lost Continents (Dover, New York, 1954)
[820]P>Citadels of Mystery (Fontana, London, 1972)

John de Courcy Ireland & David C. Sheehy (Editors)
[1997]P>Atlantic Visions (Boole Press, Dun Laoghaire, 1989)

John Dee
[1432] Monas Hieroglyphica (Frankfurt, 1591, 3rd ed.)
^Available online:

Léopold de Folin
[925] Atlantes Et Basques. Note Sur Cette Race (de A. A.Lamaignère , Biarritz, 1896)

Richard deGrasse
[1923] The Influence of Stonehenge on Minoan Navigation and Trade in Europe
(Universal Publishers, Irvine, Boca Raton, 2021)
^Available online: The Influence of Stonehenge on Minoan Navigation and Trade in Europe: How Michigan Copper Arrived in the Mediterranean During the Bronze Age ( (the first 25 pages)

Alfred de Grazia
[1172]P> The Velikovsky Affair (Sidgwick & Jackson, London, 1966)
[1513] The Iron Age of Mars (Metron Publications, Princeton NJ,2009)
^Available online:
[1538]P> God’s Fire (Metron Publications. Princeton NJ, 2013)
[1894] Chaos and Creation (Metron Publications, Princeton, 1981)
[2028]E>The Burning of Troy (Metron, Princeton, NJ, 2019)
15 volumes of his work now available online:

Charles Joseph deGrave
[276] République de Champs Elysées ou Monde Ancien (Ghent, Goesin-Verhaeghe, 1806)
^ Available online:  Vol.3 V.2 V.1

Reinoud de Jonge and J. S. Wakefield
[751]P> How the Sun God Reached America (MCS, Kirkland.WA, 2002)
[760] Rocks & Rows, Sailing Routes across the Atlantic and the Copper Trade (MCS, Kirkland. WA, 2010)

Jean-Claude Delamétherie
[1240] Theorie de la terre (5 vols. Maradan, Paris, 1797)

James De Mille
[1532] A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder (Harper, New York, 1888)
Audio book available online:

Jean-Pierre Deloux & Lauric Guillaud (editors)
[724]P> Atlantide et Autres Civilisations Perdues de A à Z (Atlantis and Other Lost Civilizations A-Z) (e/dite, Paris, 2001)

Robert deMelo
[1700] Norse Mythology Rooted in Ancient Mesopotamia (Lulu, 2015)

Alan H. Kelso de Montigny  See: Kelso

Pedro de Novo y Colson
[1674] Ultima Teoria Sobre La Atlántida (De Los Señores Rojas, Madrid, 1879)
^ Available online:

Nicolae Densusianu
[1597]E>Prehistoric Dacia (Bucharest, 1913) English translation by Bret C. Sheppard (2017) < Available online:

Giorgio De Santillana & Hertha von Dechend
[542]P>Hamlet’s Mill (David R. Godine, Boston, 1977)

Cornelius de Pauw
[1305] Recherches philosophiques sur les Américains (Berlin, 1768)
^Available online:
[1576] Philosophical Dissertations on Egyptians & Chinese (Vol 2) Translated from the French by Capt. J. Thomsom (London, 1795)

Count Byron Khun De Prorok
[1182] Digging for Lost African Gods (G.P. Putnam’s Sons, New York, 1926)
^Available online:
(republished 2013, Literary Licensing, LLC, Whitefish, MT)

Peter de Roo
[890]H> History of America before Columbus (Lippincott, Philadelphia, 1900) 2 vols.
^Available online: vol.1

Leon De Rosny
[1252] L’Atlantide historique, étude d’ethnographie et d’archéologie américaines (E. Leroux, Paris, 1902)
[1253] Essai sur le de?chiffrement de l’e?criture hie?ratique de l’Ame?rique Centrale  (Bouchard-Huzard, Paris, 1876)

Jean Deruelle
[278] L’atlantide des Megalithes, (Atlantis of the Megaliths) (France-Empire, 1990)
[279] El Desafio de los Atlantes (The Challenge of the Atlanteans) (Robin Book, Bogotá, 1993)

Delisle de Sales
[1013] Histoire nouvelle de tous les peuples du monde ou Histoire des homes (Vol III, Paris, 1779)

V.R. Desborough
[908] The Last Mycenaeans and their Successors (Oxford University Press, 1964)
[909] The Greek Dark Ages (Ernest Benn, London, 1972)

Roger Dévigne
[281] L’Atlantide: Sixième partie du monde (Crés, Paris, 1923)
Available online:

Stan Deyo
[784]P> The Vindicator Scrolls [Adventures Unlimited, 1989]

Dada Dharmavedananda
[1209] Travels with the Mystic Master (Ananda Marga Pub., Singapore, 1998)

Gorgeous Diaz-Montexano
[1105] ATLÁNTIDA Historia y Ciencia (Atlantis: History and Science) (Kindle, 2015)
[1394] ATLANTIS . NG National Geographic and the scientific search for Atlantis (Babelcube.Inc, 2017)

Belisario Díaz Romero
[1235] Tiahuanacu (Artistica de Castillo, La Paz, 1906)
Available online: pdf (Spanish)

Thomas K. Dietrich
[217]P>The Origin of Culture and Civilisation (Turnkey Press, 2005)
[1021]The Culture of Astronomy (Bascom Hill, Minneapolis,MN, 2011)

O.A.W. Dilkie
[1753] Greek and Roman Maps (Cornell University Press, Ithaca, 1985)

Petko & Dimitar Dimitrov
[998]>The Black Sea, the Flood and the Ancient Myths (Slavena, Varna, 2004)
Free online pdf

Diodorus Siculus
[1731]P>Historical Library (Sophron Editor, 2017, 2 Vols, Giles Laurén, editor)

Dr. Christiane Dittmann
[283] Geheimnis Malta (Secret Malta) (Lappersdorf, Kerschensteiner, 2001)

Christos A. Djonis
[935]E> Uchronia – Atlantis Revealed (Page Publishing, 2014)
[1857]E> Atlantis: The Find of a Lifetime (Page Publishing, 2021)

B.F. Dobrynin
[347] Submerged Continents (Moscow-Petrograd, 1923)

Frederick Dodson
[989] Atlantis and the Garden of Eden (CreateSpace, 2014)
[1657] Ancient Aliens of Atlantis (CreateSpace, 2017)
[1658] The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny (Independently Published, 2018)

Andrew Donkin
[593] Atlantis- The Lost City (Dorling Kindersley, 2000)

[1657] Ancient Aliens of Atlantis (CreateSpace, 2017)

[1658] The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny (Independently Published, 2018)

Ignatius Donnelly
[021] Atlantis: The Antediluvian World (Harper & Bros., New York,1882)
^Free Download:
[1179]P>Atlantis: The Antediluvian World (edited by E.F. Bleiler, Dover Books, New York,1976)
^Free audiobook available online:
[1167] Atlantis: The Antediluvian World (edited by Egerton Sykes, The Book Tree, San Diego, CA, 1950, revised 2006)  <Can be read online:
[022]E>Ragnarok: The Age of Fire and Gravel (D. Appleton, New York,1883)
^Free Download:
[023]>The Great Cryptogram: Francis Bacon’s Cipher in Shakespeare’s Plays (R.S. Peale & Co, Chicago, 1888).
 ^Free download:

Trude & Moshe Dothan
[1524]H>People of the Sea; The Search for the Phillistines (Macmillan, New York, 1992)

Christos Doumas
[1573] Thera and the Aegean World (Vol.1) (The Thera Foundation, London, 1978)

W. Raymond Drake
[1037]P>Gods and Spacemen in the Ancient West (Sphere Books, London, 1974)
[1038]P>Gods and Spacemen throughout History (Sphere Books, London, 1975)
[1040]P>Gods and Spacemen in Ancient Israel (Sphere Books, London, 1976)
[1041]P>Gods and Spacemen in the Ancient East (Sphere Books, London, 1968)
[1042]P>Messengers from the Stars (Sphere Books, London, 1977)

John Dreha
[1377] Jaredites: The People that Time Forgot (Kindle, 2015)

Robert Drews
[865]>The End of the Bronze Age (Princeton University Press, N.J. 1993)

Ian Driscoll & Matthew Kurtz
[672]P> Atlantis: Egyptian Genesis (CreateSpace, New York, 2009)

Michael Drosnin
[1999]H>The Bible Code (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London, 1997)

Eric Dubay
[1077] The Atlantean Conspiracy (Lulu, 2013)
^Now available online.
[1071] The Flat-Earth Conspiracy (Lulu, 2014)
^ Now available online:
[1732] Flatlantis (Lulu, 2020)

Peter Dubovsky
[1568] Hezekiah and the Assyrian Spies (E.P.I.B., Rome, 2006)

Daniela Dueck
[1749] Geography in Classical Antiquity (Cambridge University Press, 2012)

Edward Dumergue
[659]P>The Chotts of Tunis (W.H. Allen, London, 1883)[reprinted by Kessinger]
^Read online:

Paul Dunbavin
[099]P>The Atlantis Researches (Third Millennium, Nottingham, 1992) also published as Atlantis of the West: the case for Britain’s drowned civilisation (Constable & Robinson, London, 2003)
[100] Picts and Ancient Britons (Third Millennium, Nottingham, 1998)
[101]P> Under Ancient Skies (Third Millennium, Nottingham,
[1627]P>Towers of Atlantis (Kindle 2019)
[1758]P>Prehistory Papers (Third Millennium, Nottingham, 2020)

David Ewing Duncan
[1998]H>The Calendar (Fourth Estate, London, 1998)

Chris Dunn
[1234] The Giza Power Plant (Bear & Co., 1998)

Adolphe Dureau de la Malle
[1937] Géographie physique de la Mer Noire, de l’intérieur de l’Afrique et de la Méditerranée (Dentu, Paris, 1807)

Ingemar Düring
[1421] Aristoteles. Darstellung und Interpretation seines Denkens (C. Winter Universitätsverlag, Heidelberg 1966)

Reuben T. Durrett
[1283] Traditions of The Earliest Visits of Foreigners to North America (J. P. Morton, Louisville KY, 1908)
^Available online:

Slobodan Dušanic
[1511] Plato’s Atlantis (L’Antiquité Classique, T. 51, 1982, pp. 25-52)
^Available online: (offline Feb. 2018)

D. Duvillé
[284] L’Aethiopia Orientale ou Atlantide, Initiatrice des Peuples Anciens (Malfére, Paris, 1936)

Stephen L. Dyson & Robert J. Rowland jnr
[1530] Archaeology and History in Sardinia from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages (University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, 2007)