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Ambrose, Henry B.

Henry B. Ambrose (1917-2010) was born in Grayhawk, Kentucky and later worked as a real estate broker in California. His contribution to the Atlantis saga Ambrose, Henry Bis the simple claim that “England was at one time the powerful kingdom of Atlantis”.  He identifies Old Oswestry Hill Fort, Shropshire as its precise location. Mr. Ambrose is a most fortunate man, as he claims to have also found the Garden of Eden as well.

He has written three books[050][051][052] on his ‘discoveries’ and has published them privately. They are available through his website(a) . Unfortunately, I feel obliged to relegate Mr. Ambrose to the ever-growing ranks of eccentrics who have written about Atlantis.

The image of Ambrose’s Old Oswestry site reminds me of The Hill of Ward in Ireland, which consists of a series of concentric circles. A pathetic attempt(b) has also been made to also link this site with Atlantis.

(a) (offline June 2016)

*(b) (offline May 2017)*