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mary sutherland

An Appalachian location for Atlantis is one of the many bizarre suggestions to emanate from the USA. A website(a) run by Brad and Mary Sutherland not only claim that Atlantis was in Kentucky but as a bonus Solomon’s Mines are to be found there too. The Sutherlands have attempted to give their ‘theory’ a veneer of credibility by adding a copy of a 17th century map of the Americas by Sanson, speculatively entitled ‘Island of Atlantis’ – a view in vogue at that time. They also include a reference to the Phaistos Disk and a number of images of unusual rock formations. In short, they really offer nothing to link Atlantis with Kentucky. Sites like this, which are all too common, give serious Atlantis researchers a bad name. Sutherland’s ramblings(b) also extends to UFOs and Martians as well as Lemurians living on Mt. Shastra!

(a)  (Offline Dec.2017)