An A-Z Guide To The Search For Plato's Atlantis

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Bowman, John S. (L)

John S. Bowman (1931- ) is a native of Malden, Massachusetts and a graduate of Harvard. He has worked on Natural History magazine and The Book of Knowledge and has laboured for forty years as a freelance editor and writer. He has specialised in writing nonfiction, covering a wide range of subjects from zoology to travel guides and military histories. He first visited Greece in 1956 and has travelled and lived there over the years. In 1970 Bowman spent a year in the Mediterranean, visiting many of the sites associated with the search for Atlantis and subsequently wrote an interesting book[193] on his endeavours to identify its location. Although the book is sometimes classified as a juvenile read, it is more than adequate as a primer for any age group. He currently resides in Northampton, Massachusetts. Bowman also claims (page 3) to have coined the term Atlantist.