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Strohmeyer, Arn (L)

StromeyerArn Strohmeyer (1942- ) was born in Berlin and now lives in Bremen. He is a journalist and author of a number of books, of which three, in German, relate to Atlantis. All three include views on the background to the place that Atlantis had in the thinking of the Nazis. His first book[557] looked at the theories of Jürgen Spanuth and his last offering[559] disputes the conclusions of Eberhard Zangger who identifies Atlantis with Troy. He also offers a German language website(a).

Strohmeyer has recently been accused of anti-semitism(b) to which he responded that “I have never questioned Israel’s right to exist and never will.” adding that “the allegation of anti-Semitism from certain Jewish circles serves as an instrument to silence critics of Israel’s policies.”