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Gill, Christopher

Professor Gill ChristopherChristopher Gill is a classical Greek scholar who has published many works including a volume on Plato’s Atlantis story[329]. Professor Gill supports a totally mythological basis for the tale of Atlantis[330][331]. He has also written the foreword to The Atlantis Secret by Alan Alford, which is available on the Internet(a).


On April Fools’ Day, 2017, Gill published an updated and revised version of his Atlantis book, entitled Plato’s Atlantis Story – Text, Translation and Commentary [1453]. Thorwald C. Franke has written a highly critical review of this latest offering from Gill(b).


*Franke has also taken issue with the level of Gill’s support for the sceptical views of Sarah Broadie[1518] relating to Plato’s Atlantis, who wrote that “the Athens-Atlantis story is fiction, and clearly intended as such.”[1519] In his Newsletter No.102 (Sept.2017), Franke describes Broadie’s hypothesis as “an orgy of errors”(c).*

(a) (offline 1/8/14)