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  • NEWS September 2023

    NEWS September 2023

    September 2023. Hi Atlantipedes, At present I am in Sardinia for a short visit. Later we move to Sicily and Malta. The trip is purely vacational. Unfortunately, I am writing this in a dreadful apartment, sitting on a bed, with access to just one useable socket and a small Notebook. Consequently, I possibly will not […]Read More »
  • Joining The Dots

    Joining The Dots

    I have now published my new book, Joining The Dots, which offers a fresh look at the Atlantis mystery. I have addressed the critical questions of when, where and who, using Plato’s own words, tempered with some critical thinking and a modicum of common sense.Read More »

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Books marked > indicate that a copy is held in the Atlantipedia library.

Debra Nails
[1449] The People of Plato (Hacket Publishing Co., Indianapolis, 2002)

Don Nardo
[949] Atlantis (Lucent Books, San Diego, 2003)
^Available online:

National Museum of Archaeology, Malta
[1788] Along the Routes of the Phoenicians (Argos, Rome, 1988)

Danny Hilman Natawidjaja
[961]E>Plato Never Lied: Atlantis Is in Indonesia (Booknesia, 2013)

John Neal
[2024]H>All Done with Mirrors (The Secret Academy, Britain, 2000)

Phocion Négris
[486] La question de L’Atlantis de Platon (Congrés International d’Archéologie, Athens 1905)
^Available online:   (French)
[487] Glaciers et Atlantes (Sakellarios, Athens, 1924)
[686] Vestiges Antiques Submerges (Ares, Chicago, 1981(1904))
^Available online:

Carole Nervig
[2087] The Petroglyphs of MU (Bear & Co., 2022)

Heinz-Günther Nesselrath
[1199] Kritias. Platon Werke VIII, 4 (Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, Göttingen, 2006)
[2000] Platon und die Erfindung von Atlantis (K. G. Saur, Munich & Leipzig, 2002)

Fritz Nestke & Thomas Riemer
[064] Atlantis – ein Koninent taucht auf (Halver, Dortmund, 1989)

John Ballou Newbrough
[1670] Oahspe: A New Bible (Newbrough, New York, 1882)*

John B. Newman
[488] Origin of the Red Men; An Authentic History of the Peopling of America by the Atlanteans and Tyrians; The Origin of the Toltecs, the Description and History of Atlantis, An Island that Once Extended from near the Coast of Africa to the West Indies (John C. Wells, New York, 1849)
^Available online:

Isaac Newton
[1101]E>The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms Amended (London, 1728)
^Available online:

Alessandra Nibbi
[1670] The Sea Peoples and Egypt (Noyes Publications, Oxford, 1975)

Gérard Nicolini
[2023]H>The Ancient Spaniards (Saxon House, Farnborough, 1974)

Melville Nicholls
[944]D> Children of the Sea God (Beta Gyre LLC, 2013)
[945]E>The Real and Imaginary Atlantis (Beta Gyre LLC, 2013)

James I. Nienhuis
[489]P> Ice Age Civilisations (Adventures Unlimited, 2006)
[490] Old Earth? Why Not? (Genesis Veracity, Texas)

Martin P. Nilsson
[1140] Homer and Mycenae (Cooper Square, New York, 1968

Ninkovich & Heezen
[1151] Santorini Tephra (Submarine Geology and Geophysics, Colston Papers No.17. Bristol, 1965)

J.P. Noel
[1581] The St.Croix Ark, (J.P. Noel Publishing, 2010)

Emiliana Pasca Noether
[958] Seeds of Italian Nationalism 1700-1815 (Columbia University Press, 1951)

Zatoz Nondik
[841] Von 2012 bis Oriechalkos (From 2012 to Orichalcum) (Ancient Mail, 2009)
[1084] Sphinx Oder Hator (Sphink or Hator)(Books-on-Demand, 2007)

Rene Noorbergen
[612]H>Secrets of the Lost Races (New English Library, London, 1978)
[1359] Treasures of the Lost Races (TEACH Services Inc., Fort Oglethorpe, GA. 2001)

A.E. Nordenskiöld
[370] Facsimile Atlas to the Early History of Cartography (Stockholm, 1889 – reprinted and translated Dover Publications, New York, 1973)

Avraam Sirgeievitch Norov
[491] Die Atlantis nach Griechischen und Arabischen Quellen (Atlantis from Greek and Arab Sources) (St. Petersburg, 1854) [Also published in Russian]
^Available online: (German)

Jonathan Northcote
[1369]E>16.484W 58.521N Atlantis, Found? (LuLu, 2016, ePub)
[1611]> Atlantis, Found? An investigation into ancient accounts, bathymetry and climatology (J. Northcote, 2019)

Peter Nowak
[1955] Was Sie schon immer über Atlantis wissen wollten (Everything you wanted to know about Atlantis) (Books-on-Demand, 2016)

Edo Nyland
[394]P>Odysseus and the Sea Peoples: A Bronze Age History of Scotland (Trafford, 2002)
[1190] Linguistic Archaeology: An Introduction (Trafford, 2006)

Christian O’Brien
[492] The Shining Ones* (Dianthus Publishing, Cirencester, 1997)
^* Not to be confused with books of the same name by Philip Gardiner and Helene E. Hagan
[493] The Genius of the Few (Turnstone, 1985)
[1797]P>The Megalithic Odyssey (Turnstone Press, Wellingborough, 1983)

Henry O’Brien
[124]H>The Round Towers of Ireland (London, 1834)
^Available online:
[125] The Round Towers of Atlantis (Adventures Unlimited, 2002)
[126] Atlantis in Ireland (Steiner books, New York, 1976)
[1663]H>Phoenician Ireland (See: Villanueva)(R.M. Timms, Dublin, 1833)(Translated by O’Brien)

Helen O’Cleary
[494]H> The Pegasus Story of Atlantis (Denis Dobson, London, 1971)
[1205] Athgreany Stone Circle: The Stones of Time (Al Morrison, New York. 1990)

Tony O’Connell, 
[1668]H> Atlantipedia (Original Writing, Dublin, 2010)
[1590]P> Joining the Dots (Kindle, 2018)*

Roderic O’Flaherty
[495] Ogygia (Everingham, London, 1685)
^Available online:

William Ogle
[1317] The Parts of Animals (K. Paul, French & Co, London, 1882)
^Available online: The Internet Classics Archive | On the Parts of Animals by Aristotle

James O’Kon
[1490] The Lost Secrets of Maya Technology (New Page Books, Wayne, NJ, 2012)

Frederick S. Oliver (Phylos the Thibetan)
[1014] A Dweller on Two Planets (Baumgardt Publishing, 2005)
^Available online:
[1237] Secrets Of Mount Shasta And A Dweller On Two Planets (Inner Light Global Communications, 2013)[This includes additional material by Nick Redfern, Timothy Green Beckley And Paul Dale Roberts]

Ned Olow
[710] Atlantis:Legend eller Verklighet (Zindermans, Gothenburg, 1982)

Enrique Onffroy de Thoron
[901] Les Pheniciens a l’ile d’Haiti et sur le continent americain (Charles Peeters, Louvain, 1889)
^Available online:

Stephen Oppenheimer
[004]H> Eden in the East (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London, 1998)
[005]P> Out of Eden (Robinson, London, 2003)
[1950] Origins of the British (Constable & Robinson, London, 2007)

Bryan Orford
[2050]E>Noah’s Flood in South Africa (Zimbabwe, 2010)

José Luis Orihuela Guerrero
[1805] Tierra de Atlantis 1 (Entrelíneas Editores, Madrid, 2012)

Elsar (Amos) Orkan
[1442]P>The Mystery of the Great Flood Confirmed (Outskirts Press, Denver, CO, 2010))

Charles E. Orser Jnr.
[317] Race and Practice in Archaeological Interpretation (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2003)

Abraham Ortelius
[1225] Thesaurus Geographicus (Antwerp, 1596)
^Available online:
[1226] Theatrum Orbis Terrarum (Antwerp, 1570)
^Available online:

Arthur W. Orton 
[1735] The Four-Faced Visitors of Ezekiel (CreateSpace, 2015)

P. A. Ó Síocháin
[498]P>Ireland – A Journey into Lost Time (Foilsiúcháin Eireann, Dublin, 1967)
[499] Aran Islands of Legend (Foilsiúcháin Eireann, Dublin, 1967)

Ahmed Osman
[1744]H> Out of Egypt (Century, London, 1998)
[1849]H> Moses Pharoah of Egypt (Grafton, London, 1990)
[1850]H> The House of the Messiah (Harper Collins, London, 1992)
[1851]H> Stranger in the Valley of the Kings (Souvenir, London, 1987)
[1852]P> Christianity an Ancient Egyptian Religion (Bear & Co.,1998)=UK [1744]

Semir (Sam) Osmanagic
[519] The World of the Maya (Georgias Press, New Jersey, 2005)

Gonzalo Fernández Oviedo y Valdéz
[1117] Historia general y natural de las Indias (Toledo, 1526)
^ 1851 edition (Spanish)

Oxford UniversityM. Cary et al (Editors)
[2025]H>The Oxford Classical Dictionary (Oxford University Press, London,1964)

The Oxford Companion to the Bible
[605] (Oxford University Press, 1993, p. 591).

Anthony Pace (editor)
[1716]P>Maltese Prehistoric Art 5000-2500 BC (P.E.G., Malta, 2002)

Jean Louis Pagé
[501] Atlantis Messages de l’Atlantide (Zepheron Press, Quebec, 2001)

Giuseppe Palermo
[973] Atlantide degli italiani (Atlantis of the Italian)(Falco, 2012)

Massimo Pallottino
[222] Margine Alla Questione Atlantidea Platone e Cartagine (Archaeologia Classica 5, 1953, p232-237)

Trevor Palmer
[888]P>Perilous Planet Earth (Cambridge University Press, 2003)
[1971] Controversy Catastrophism and Evolution (Springer. 1999)

Jacobus Pamelius
[1469] Q(uintus) Septimii Florentis Tertulliani Carthaginiensis Presbyteri Opera omnia (Michel Sonnius, Paris, 1583 – Christopher Plantin, Antwerp, 1584)
^Available online: (Vol. 3)

A. de Paniagua
[137] Geographie Mythique (Ficker, Paris, 1911)(preface by Onésime Reclus)
[1370] La Civilisation Neolithique (Paul Catin, Paris, 1923)

Stavros Papamarinopoulos (Editor)
[629]H> The Atlantis Hypothesis (1st Conference)(Heliotopos, Athens, 2007)
[750]H> The Atlantis Hypothesis (2nd Conference)(Heliotopos, Athens, 2010)

Tudor Parfitt
[1782]H>The Lost Ark of the Covenant (Harper Element, London, 2008)

Franke Parker
[1464] The Parian Chronicle (John Henry & James Parker, Oxford & London, 1859)
^Available online:

Richard A. Parker
[682] The Calendars of Ancient Egypt. (Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, 1950)

Mike Parker Pearson
[839]H>Stonehenge (Simon & Schuster, London, 2012)

Walter Parks
[749]P> Atlantis: The Eyewitnesses (Unknown Truths, Orlando FL, 2011)

Peter Parsons
[377] The City of the Sharp-Nosed Fish (Weidenfeld, London, 2007)

Beatriz Pastor Bodmer
[1251] The Armature of Conquest: Spanish Accounts of the Discovery of America, 1492–1589 (Stanford University Press, Stanford, CA 1992)

Vassilios Paschos
[500] Atlantes not the ‘Gods’ (Museum of Atlantis, Athens, 1983)
^Available online: (link broken Jan. 2019)

Donald Wesley Patten & Samuel R. Windsor
[277] The Mars-Earth Wars (Pacific Meridian, Seattle, 1988)
^Available online:

Mark Patton
[1574] Islands in Time (Routledge, London, 1996)

Felix R. Paturi
[1339]H> Prehistoric Heritage (Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York, 1979)

Peter Paulsen
[1364] Axt und Kreutz (Das Ahnenerbe, Berlin, 1939)
^Available online:

Karl A. Pauly
[1496] The Cause of the Great Ice Ages (The Scientific Monthly, V75, No. 2, August, 1952) (Literary Licensing, LLC, Whitefish MT, 2013)

Jacques R. Pauwels
[1656] Beneath the Dust of Time (Battlebridge Publications, London, 2009)

Louis Pauwels & Jacques Bergier
[910]P> The Morning of the Magicians (Granada, London, 1971)
[911]P> Impossible Possibilities (Granada, London, 1974)

Stel Pavlou
[316] Decipher (Simon and Schuster, London, 2001)

Roger M. Pearlman
[1596]E>Plato’s Atlantis Legend Resolution: Abraham is the Real Atlas (Kindle, 2018)

[2027]H>Pears Encyclopedia of Myths and Legend-The Orient (Pelham Books, London,1977)

Eugene Pégot-Ogier (translated by Frances Locock)
[651] The Fortunate Isles (Richard Bentley, London, 1871)
^Available online:
[1292] Reprinted and republished (BiblioBazaar, Charleston SC, 2009)

Christine Pellech
[640] Die Odyssee, eine antike Weltumsegelung (Reimer, Berlin, 1983)
[1188] Die Entdeckung von Amerika (König, Greiz, 2012)

Charles Pellegrino
[502]P> Unearthing Atlantis (Avon Books, New York, 1991)
[821]P>Return to Sodom and Gomorrah(TSP, 1995)

José Pellicer de Ossau Salas y Tovar
[1315] Aparato a la Monarchia antigua de las Espanas en los tres tiempos del mundo, el adelon, el mithico y el historico (Benito Macé, Valencia, 1673)
^Available online:;view=1up;seq=5

Thomas Pennant
[1244] Introduction to the Arctic Zoology (Robert Faulder, London, 1792)
^Available online:

Pensée (Editors)
[1877]H>Velikovsky Reconsidered (Sidgwick & Jackson, London, 1976)

José Maria Pereira de Lima
[897] Iberos e bascos (Livraria Aillaud, Paris/Lisbon,1902)
^Available online: Portuguese

Miquel Pérez-Sánchez
[1142] La Gran Pirámide, clave secreta del pasado (Antiguo Egipto XXI, SL, 2015)

Giacinto Perrone
[809] Atlantide Leggende e testimonianze (Atlantis: Legends and Testimony) (Bocca, Turin, 1928)
[810] reprinted as Atlantide, l’Impero del Bronzo (Atlantis:The Empire of Bronze) (Tilopa, Teramo-Rome, 1986)

William James Perry
[1353] Children of the Sun (Methuen, London, 1923)
^Available Online:

Paola Pescerelli Lagorio
[1174] Raffaele Bendandi: Una storia. Una teoria. Un metodo (Giochi di magia, 2013)

Isaac La Peyrère
[1300] Prae-Adamitae (Amsterdam,1655) subsequently published in English as Men before Adam (London,
^Available online:

A. petit
[673] Expedition nach Atlantis (Book on Demand de, 2009)

Douglas Petrovich
[1767] The World’s Oldest Alphabet (Carta, Jerusalem, 2017)

Hans Pettersson (translated from Swedish by Stefan Meyer)
[503] Atlantis und Atlantik (Springer, Vienna, 1948)

Charles D. Pfund
[1079]P>Antediluvian World:The End of the Myth (C.F.Pfund, 2nd Edition, 2011)
[1754]P> Antediluvian World:A New Interpretation of Plato’s Writings on Atlantis (C.D. Pfund, Ist edition, 2019)
[2089] Antediluvian World: Shadows of the Fallen (C.D. Pfund, 2021)

Mira & W. P. Phelon
[1047] Our Story of Atlantis (Hermetic Book Concern, San Francisco, 1903)
^ Available online:

Graham Philips
[034]P>Atlantis and the Ten Plagues of Egypt (Bear & Co., 2003) [Originally published as Act of God (Sidgwick & Jackson, 1998)]
[035]H>The Moses Legacy (Sidgwick & Jackson, London, 2002)
[036]P> The End of Eden (Bear & Co., Rochester, Vermont, 2007)
[1345] The Templars and the Ark of the Covenant (Bear & Co., 2004)
[2063] The Mystery of Doggerland: Atlantis in the North Sea (Bear & Co., 2023)

Philo of Alexandria
[1423] De Aeternitate Mundi (Franz Cumont (ed.), George Reimeri, Berlin, 1891)
^Available online:

L. Piccardi & W.B. Masse (Editors)
[1541] Myth & Geology (Geological Society of London, Special Publications, 273, 2007)
^ Text available online:

Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince
[705]H>The Stargate Conspiracy (Little, Brown & Co., London, 1999)

Stuart Pigott
[1763]H> The Druids (Thames & Hudson, London, 1975)

Gilbert Pillot
[742]H>The Secret Code of the Odyssey (Abelard-Schuman, New York, 1972)

Mario Pincherle
[506] L’Atlantide, mistero svelato: non era un’isola (Filelfo, Ancona,1978)
[507] La vera storia di Sargon di Accadia (The True Story of Sargon of Akkadia) (M.I.R. 2001)
[508] I MANDEI – Atlantidei tra noi (The Mandaeans: Atlanteans Among Us) (Macro Edizioni, 2003)
[1835] La Grande Piramide (Filelfo, Ancona, 1977)

Pindar (Translation by Anthony Verity)
[1787]P> The Complete Odes (Oxford University Press, 2008)

Dr. Roberto Pinotti
[509] Atlantide: Il mistero dei continenti perduti (Oscar Mondadori, Milan, 2001)
[Atlantis: The Mystery of the Lost Continents] Preface by Nikolaj Jirov

Gordon Pipes
[1126] Building Stonehenge (Birchwood Publishers, 2009)

Ryan Pitterson
[1620] Judgment of the Nephilim (R. Pitterson, 2018)

Vincent Placcius
[920] Atlantis Retecta (1859, Latin/German reprint, Manutius, Heidelberg, 1992)
^Available online:

Nicholas Platon
[511]H>Zakros, The Discovery of Lost Palace of Ancient Crete (Scribner’s, 1971)

Joe Plegge
[1909] Turkish Stonehenge: Gobekli Tepe (Nook, 2012)

Edward Pococke
[1231] India in Greece (John J. Griffin & Co., London, 1852)
^Available online:

Paolo Valente Poddighe
[711] Atlantide Sardegna (Stampacolor, Muros, 2006)

Samuel Poe
[847]>The Algonquian Conquest of the Mediterranean Region of 11,500 Years Ago (PublishAmerica, Baltimore, 2008).
^Available online:

Georges Poisson
[512] L’Atlantide devant la Science (Payot, Paris, 1945)

Arthur Posnansky
[516] Tiahuanaco: The Cradle of American Man (4 vols)(Augustin, New York, 1958)
[941] La Hora Futura (The Future Hour) (González y Medina, La Paz, 1919)

Guillame Postel
[1651] Cosmographicae disciplinae compendium (Joannes Oporinus, Basel, 1561)

James Lawrence Powell
[1911] Deadly Voyager (Bowker, 2020)

Andrew Power
[1026] Ireland Land of the Pharoahs (HM Edition, 2005)
Available online:

Michael Poynder
[1748]H> Pi in the Sky (Rider, London, 1992)

Jean-François Pradeau
[385] La Monde de la Politique (Sankt Augustin, 1997, pp154-179)

Ida Rodríguez Prampolini
[898] La Atlantida de Platon en los cronistas del siglo 16 (Plato’s Atlantis: in the sixteenth century chroniclers) (Mexican Board of Historical Research, Mexico, 1947)

Steve Preston
[1183]E>Egyptians in Ireland (CreateSpace, 2014)
[1263] Truth About Earth (Lulu, 2014)
[1264] More Oddness (Lulu, 2014)
[1265] The Book of Odd (Lulu, 2014)
[2053]E>Scythians Conquered Ireland (CreateSpace, 2015)

George McCready Price
[1616]>The New Geology (Pacific Press, California, 1923)

Josiah Priest
[1143] American Antiquities (Albany, New York, 1883)
^available online;

Heather Pringle
[032]H>The Master Plan (Hyperion, New York, 2006)

Proclus Lycaeus
[1272]Commentary on the Timaeus of Plato (translated by Thomas Taylor)
^available online: The commentaries of Proclus on the Timaeus of Plato in five books; containing a treasury of Pythagoric and Platonic physiology. Translated from the Greek by Thomas Taylor : Proclus, ca. 410-485 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Heinrich Pudor
[1693] Voelker aus altes Athen, Atlantis, Helgoland  (Peoples from old Athens, Atlantis, Helgoland) (Leipzig, 1936)
[1694] Völker aus Gottes Athem: Atlantis-Helgoland das arisch-germanische Rassenhochzucht- und Kolonisations-Mutterland (Peoples from God’s breath: Atlantis-Helgoland the Aryan-Germanic breeding and colonization motherland) (Leipzig, 1936)*

Michael Pye & Kirsten Dalley (Editors)
[831]P> Lost Civilizations & Secrets of the Past (New Page Books, Pompton Plains, NJ, 2012)
[1115] Lost Secrets of the Gods (New Page Books, Pompton Plains, NJ, 2014)
[1116] Lost Cities and Forgotten Civilisations (Rosen Pub., New York, 2013)

Gian Quasar
[174] Into the Bermuda Triangle (International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press; 2003

Bob Quinn
[534]H> Atlantean: Ireland’s North African and Maritime Heritage (Quartet, London, 1986)
[1204]P>The Atlantean Irish (Lilliput Press, Dublin, 2011)

Anthony Radford
[701]D>From Goddess to King (Commentary on The Oera Linda Book)(1997)

Larry Brian Radka
[948]P>The Electric Mirror on the Pharos Lighthouse (The Einhorn Press, Parkersburg, VA, 2006

Johann Gottlieb Radlof
[1438]P>The Shattering of the Great Planets Hesperus & Phaeton. (English translation by Anne-Marie de Grazia) (Metron, Princeton, NJ, 2006)
^ Original German is available online:

C. S. Rafinesque
[896]>The American Nations (Philadelphia, 1836)
^Available online:

Edwin S. Ramage (editor)
[522]H> Atlantis: Fact or Fiction (Indiana University Press, Bloomington,1978)

Roberto Ramírez Rodríguez
[1112] Atlanticú: el origin de el Tajin (Mexico, 2001)

C.J. Ransom
[1880]P>The Age of Velikovsky (Dell Books, New York, 1976)

Giovanni Battista Ramusio
[1649] Navigationi Et Viaggi (Giunti, Venice, 1550)
^Available online: (Vol 3)

James Randi
[1972] Flim-Flam: The Truth About Unicorns, Parapsychology and Other Delusions (T.Y. Crowell, 1979)

Massimo Rapisarda
[1173]> A Scientific Approach To Plato’s Atlantis (2015)

Hans–Wilhelm Rathjen
[688] ATLANTIS war Westeuropa (Göttert, Diepenau, 2004)

Diego Ratti
[1390] Wall Street Watchman (CreateSpace, 2010)
[1391] The Sky Watching Trader (CreateSpace, 2011)
[1392] La preistoria di Lampedusa (LuLu, 2015)
[1821] Atletenu (Amazon, 2021)

Alewyn Raubenheimer
[744]P>Survivors of the Great Tsunami (Createspace, 2010)

Camillo Ravioli/Siro Tacito
[1061] Prima Tellus – La dissertazione sulla Gigantèa dell’isola di Gozo (I Libri de Graal, Roma, 1998)

Prescott Rawlings
[763]E>Atlantis, the Great Flood and the Asteroid (, 2011)

Guillaume T. F. Raynal
[1301] Histoire philosophique (Geneva, Jean-Leonard Pellet, 1780)
^Available online:

Reader’s Digest
[1083]H>The World’s Last Mysteries (The Reader’s Digest, London, 1977)
[1807]H>Illustrated Dictionary of Essential Knowledge (R.D., London.1997)

Onésime Reclus
[523] L’atlantide. pays de l’atlas. Algérie-maroc-tunisie (Renaissance du Livre, 1918)
^Available online: (French)

Javier Recuenco Andrés
[982]E>The Historical Reality of Atlantis (email:

Nick Redfern
[1832] Weapons of the Gods (Career Press, Wayne, NJ, 2016)

Lenie Reedijk
[1631]P> Sirius: the Star of the Maltese Temples (Malet Books, The Netherlands, 2018.

Harald A.T. Reiche
[525] The Language of Archaic Astronomy: A clue to the Atlantis Myth in Astronomy of the Ancients (Technology Review, Volume 80, No.2, December 1977)

Colin Renfrew
[1859]H>Archaeology & Language (Jonathan Cape, London, 1988)
[2039]P>Before Civilization (Pelican, Harmondsworth, 1976)

Professor Rafael Requena
[526] Vestigios de la Atlántida (Tipografía Americana, Caracas, 1932)

Igor Alexandrovich Rezanov
[527] Atlantide tra realtà e fantasia (Atlantis: Between Truth and Fantasy) (Massari, 2002).

Michael Ridley
[1777]P>The Megalithic Art of the Maltese Islands (Dolphin Press, Poole, 1976)

Jorge María Ribero-Meneses
[528] La Atlantida o el origen histórico de España (Atlantis or the historical origin of Spain) (Camera, 1989)

Douglas G. Richards
[1935] The Psychic Quest (Penguin, 1998)

Joachim Rittstieg
[717] ABC der Maya (The ABC of Maya) (Dagmar Dreves, Lüneberg, 1999)

Riva-Agüero y Osma, José de la.
[1103] ‘La Atlántida’ En La Conquista y el Virreinato.(Atlantis’. In Conquest and the Viceroyalty) (Riva-Agüero Institute, Lima, 1968)

Graham Robb
[2051]E>The Ancient Paths (Kindle, 2014)

Anthony Roberts
[728]P>Atlantean Traditions in Ancient Britain (Rider, London, 1977)

Joseph Robertson
[1401] A Dissertation concerning the Authenticity (of the Parian Chronicle) (J. Walter, London, 1788)
^Available online:

Morven Robertson
[1164]E> About Atlantis: Finding the Lost City of Atlantis (Kindle, 2015)

Manuel Robbins
[856]P>Collapse of the Bronze Age (Authors Choice Press, Lincoln, NE, 2001)

J. P. Robinson
[1893]E>The Myth of Man (Earthrise Book, Kingston-on-Thames, 2018)

Eduardo Robles y Guiterrez
[480] La Atlantida Esta En Mexico (Atlantis is in Mexico) (Diana, Mexico,1979)

J.A. Rogers
[292] Africa’s Gift to America (Helga Rogers, New York, 1961)

David M. Rohl
[229]H> A Test of Time (Century-Random House, London, 1995)
[230]H> Legend (Century-Random House, London, 1998)
[231]H> The Lost Testament (Century-Random House, London, 2002)
Also published as From Eden to Exile (Arrow Books, London, 2003)
[232]H> The Lords of Avaris (Century-Random House, London, 2007)

Godefroy de Roisel
[650] Les Atlantes (Germer Bailliere, Paris, 1874)
^Available online:
or Études anté-historiques : Godefroy de Roisel : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Duane W. Roller
[1483]>Through the Pillars of Herakles (Routledge, Oxford, 2006)

Manuel Rosa
[1889] Columbus: The Untold Story (Outwater Media, 2016)

Jaime Rubio Rosales
[762] Nazi Archaeology in the Canary Islands (Lulu, 2010)

Alfred Rosenberg
[1293] The Myth of the Twentieth Century (1930, reprinted by Lulu, 2013)
^Available online:

Rosicrucian Order (AMORC)
[2054]E>Atlantis (Rosicrucian Digest, Vol.84, No.2, 2006)

Natalia Rosi de Tariffi
[1927] América, cuarta dimensión ; Los etruscos salieron de Los Andes
(America, fourth dimension, the Etruscans left from the Andes)
(Monte Avila, Caracas,1969)

Guy C. Rothery
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